Who is the last actor to blow you away with their performance?


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Phoenix in her was indeed incredible. And he pulled a dustin hoffman in playing two characters each on the opposite side of the spectrum. Theodore Twombly is such a gentle, warm, man and Freddie quell is such an unpredictable , animalistic brute. Phoenix is one of the finest actors around. And i can't wait to see what he brings to the character of Doc in Inherent Vice. it will be interesting to see Phoenix's take on stoner cadence's and body language i expect a'lot of the performance will be through the eyes. which is something he does that has no comparison to others. his eye acting is absolutely incredible . so much is conveyed in a simple gaze just brilliant.
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Kevin Spacey certainly needs to be in a Scorsese picture. He would be great as the classic egotistical protagonist in a Scorsese movie.
Agreed. We are on the same level bro haha. I can't wait to see kevin spacey play winston churchhill surely going to be something to look out for

Back on the Norton topic haha, i would love to see him work with PTA. he would write such a great character for him. i hope that happens.
A lot of rumours says that Norton is going to repick-up the role of ''Worm'' in Rounders 2 that's completely awesome
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A lot of rumours says that Norton is going to repick-up the role of ''Worm'' in Rounders 2 that's completely awesome
oh man that would be sick, yeah his slate is pretty clear for now aside from motherless brookln but i think(hope) that birdman is gonna put him back on the map. he's been out of the scene for far too long. We need mroe powerhouses like him.

It could be from a new film that you watched for the first time or a rewatching of one of your favorites , or maybe just a film you caught on tv and were taken with a specific performance.
here i'll give an example.
The last actor who blew me away was Joaquin in the Master. i know its kind of cliche haha but seriously. after analyzing that film for the the 10th or 11th time i can safetly say that his work is spellbinding. his eyes, the contortions of his body, his well of emotion that he can utilize anytime he wants, His speech and his animal like persona. just an all a round ground breaking Performance in my opinion
So what about you guys?
I have to agree.. I think Joaquin Phoenix is a genius (and I'm not only saying this because he's a vegan-animal-activist ).

I think it might have been Joaquin Phoenix in Her.

Fassbender in 12 Years a Slave and Shame also blew me away.

Also, does Matthew McCounaughey in True Detective count? He's amazing in that.

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Hey guys, I'm new to this site and I've gotta say I like the respect for great actors like Ed Norton and Kevin Spacey. The lat role to blow me away was Ivana Baquero in Pan's Labyrinth, for a child actor the was an amazing performance.

I just saw The Wrestler for the first time yesterday and Mickey Roarke definitely blew me away...a powerful and heartbreaking performance that is still inside my head. Another performance that comes to mind because the actress has never affected me before in any of her previous work was Jennifer Garner in Juno...I couldn't believe how good she was in that movie, that performance blew me away. I think "blew me away" was the exact phrase I used regarding Garner when I wrote my review of the film.

There's a difference between a really cool character and a great performance.

Clint Eastwood in High Plains Drifter is a cool character, as is Sean Connery in the Bond films. Both do a great acting job too.

To answer this question: Who is the last actor to blow you away with their performance?

It was Humphrey Bogart, In a Lonely Place (1950) Bogart is amazing in this truly great film noir and yet his character is not admirable at all.

Peggy Ann Garner, a child actresses in Jane Eyre (1943) A very realistic, heart felt performance as the young Jane Eyre. And I wouldn't call her character cool either. But her performance did blow me away.

Oh I almost forgot this one. Kathy Bates was AMAZING in Misery. Her performance definitely blew me away.
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Can I say Evan Peters from American Horror Story even though it's a TV show, not a film? Because damn that kid can act. If he ever manages to make it into a really good film, he'll be A-List in a heartbeat.

If not, I'll have to go with Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables.
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I just re-watched Winter's Bone (2010) and was again, very impressed with Jennifer Lawrence's performance.
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Steve Zahn and Paul Walker in Joy Ride they are awesome together !

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