Best horror movie love story


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Notice how a lot of classic horror movies are linked with romance in some form? Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, The Fly (both versions), Cat People, hell, let's throw in Warm Bodies just for the sake of it. Which one do you find the most captivating? It can be either one-sided or mutual.

When it comes to one-sided, the original The Phantom Of The Opera stands out in my mind as a really well-written one. Although the Phantom is a hideous old creep (which he even admits himself), you understand the motivation for what he's doing, and Lon Chaney portrays the pain and misery he's gone through perfectly. Completely cast out of the world doomed to live in utter loneliness, he becomes so desperate he kidnaps an opera singer against her will. You don't want the Phantom to win of course, but you still feel a little sorry for him.

Since I mentioned The Fly, I gotta bring that up too. I love the original and Cronenberg remake pretty much equally. They are great in their own ways. The original focuses mostly on the psychological torment of Andre as his brain is slowly transforming into the mind of a fly, with Helene desperately trying to help him before it's too late. The remake shows the physical transformation more gradually, and in a way is even bleaker than the '58 version. There never is a possible cure for Seth to turn back to normal, he's doomed no matter what. It also shows how hard it is to love someone who becomes a completely different person from the one you fell in love with. It's heartbreaking.

On the happier side, we have the joyously witty chemistry between Mitch MacAffee and Sally Caldwell in The Giant Claw. It may be a silly (though extremely entertaining) creature B-movie, but the romance between them is one of the most well-developed I've seen in this genre. The dialogue between them is very funny, and you can tell Jeff Morrow and Mara Corday had a lot of fun with their characters.

You could probably write a paper on romance in horror stories. Probably the oddest example is King Kong, in which it's implied the giant ape is infatuated with Fay Wray's character.

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