Most attractive thing about the opposite sex


stinky hat

hi guys im new user so i dont know what the fuk is going on here

Physically tall & nice eyes, however what i find most attractive in a man, is someone who has natural charisma & is quietly confident, and has nothing to prove.

Sorry if I'm rude but I'm right
So first you want to make him/her make you laugh and then you eat them!?
Look, I'm not judging you - after all, I'm posting here myself, but maybe, just maybe, if you spent less time here and more time watching films, maybe, and I stress, maybe your taste would be of some value. Just a thought, ya know.

her movie taste
''Haters are my favourite. I've built an empire with the bricks they've thrown at me... Keep On Hating''
- CM Punk

You mean me? Kei's cousin?
Well, if she's anything like me, we'll get along just fine.
Look, Dr. Lesh, we don't care about the disturbances, the pounding and the flashing, the screaming, the music. We just want you to find our little girl.

If she has the desire to always question herself, ask question, live a philosophical life (there are very few haha)
I do not speak english perfectly so expect some mistakes here and there in my messages

If she has the desire to always question herself, ask question, live a philosophical life (there are very few haha)
I love the philosophy behind Ashley Benson

In all seriousness, obviously I like a girl who I'm physically attracted to, yet physical flaws can be overlooked with the right total package. I like a girl who is smart, but she doesn't have to be that smart, I like a girl who is kind, but she can't be a pushover, and she must have a sense of humor. Most importantly, she needs to be able to relax and not take things too seriously, drink a beer from the bottle, go for a walk in the rain, leave the bed unmade once in a while. Being uptight is the biggest turnoff(besides a huge stinky bush).
Haha!! 😆

i'm SUPER GOOD at Jewel karaoke
let's see:

non physically
- someone who isn't petty or spiteful
- someone who can go with the flow, without being 'boring'
- someone who laughs at their own jokes
- good kisser
- well spoken, witty
- kind, warm
- but also fiery and has NO issue standing up for themselves
- non possessive is a big one. do not have control issues please.
- more extroverted than me @ parties
- (ok i'm just describing my husband lol)

- lips (on the full side)
- a cute, round face (preferably with a cute lil button nose)
- i like hands. they need to be attractive.
- dark hair
- i also kinda like hairy chests/torsos. not a must, but i like em

uh, that's all i can think of off the top of my head

- (ok i'm just describing my husband lol)
Something cool about marriage I've been gradually discovering: after awhile, the distinction between "I love them because they're X" and "I love X because it's how they are" starts to blur.

Oh yeah, hands are a must. Feet are optional.

they need to be attractive.
What makes a hand attractive?