Highly acclaimed movies that you just could NOT stand.


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I didn't see this thread anywhere. Lemme know if it's somewhere.

In the meantime, I understand that I'll get pushback but I just so hated this movie.

When women have a poet, they want a cowboy.
When they have a cowboy, they want a poet.
They'll say "I don't care if he's a poet or cowboy, so long as he's a nice guy. But oh, I'm so attracted to that bad guy over there."
Understand this last part, and you'll get them all.

I've not seen that movie, but it looks like the kind of subject matter I like... and directed by David Lean is a big plus for me. Can I ask what it was about the film that you hated?

The OP already posted this in another thread. We get it. You donít like this movie.

Honorary mention as an entirely pretentious movie I so /wished/ I walked out on:

Is there a thread entitled "Highly acclaimed movies that you could not stand"?
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The OP already posted this in another thread. We get it. You donít like this movie.
Well good, but there's nothing wrong with that. In that thread, the subject was regarding any movie that you couldn't even finish. THIS thread is about highly acclaimed movies that you just cannot stand.

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I've always wanted to watch A Passage to India because I really like Judy Davis, but the subject matter looks really boring to me.
God I love Judy Davis too. She's one of those actors where even if she's in something a bit meh she usually nails it.

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There are plenty I don't care for, but I dislike Dead Man and Once Upon a Time in America.
Most of Once Upon a Time in America I very vaguely remember as just being odd and not impressive to me. But at least it had this hysterical phrase on the side of the hearse which I never forgot:

I mentioned that line to the owner of a funeral home once and he nearly split a seam laughing.

I don't know if there are any highly acclaimed movies I cannot stand. There are overrated ones, but most of them are not bad to the point of unwatchable. However one I cannot stand off the top of my head is Brazil (1985). Couldn't even finish it, as it was just too over the top, and felt it was trying way too hard. Maybe I need to give a second chance, but it would be a challenge.