MoFo Fantasy Football 2020 - Regular Season


The butterfly effect really plays a part in the big picture here. If A is not playing then B might play instead but if B is maybe somewhat injured then C might start and who knows D might even get the best score... Oh wait, what if C is on a sudden bye and D plays on a Tuesday?

How does this keep happening???
“The gladdest moment in human life, methinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

I'm starting Travis Fulgham. Punted another unknown Philly WR to waivers named Greg Ward to get him. I used a waiver to get Travis. You gotta love that 14 team league deep goodness

Unlike here, my team in my other league is pretty well loaded and I have a decent path to winning a lot of weeks. But it is interesting how my mind works. Here I have a 25% chance to win based on the projections and feel like I have no real shot of overcoming those numbers. In my other leage this week I have a 75% chance to win by the projections and feel like I have a very tenuous grasp on a win and will probably blow it.
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You might get me this week, Tongs. You get to face me Kamara-less, and you've got some decent matchups. We'll see!

Yeah you being Kamaraless has more weight than me being Keenanless. Theres still concern because I'm starting TJ Whothehelll and Travis Fulgham.

Off topic but all my thoughts prayers and feelings are dialed in to the Ray's winning game 7 in the ALCS.

...please dont do a boston please dont do a boston.... I dont even want Bill Buckner to even watch the game on tv.

I know, right? Houston is on a mission and just won’t quit. How angry will people be, including me if A) Tampa loses and B) Houston advances to the World Series after everything that has transpired?

Dusty Baker deserves a title. I don't really care who he gets it with.
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

TONGO might have me this week. Obviously didn't have as much margin with Kamara out, and Thielen's sitting at < 2 points. Yikes. Projections are neck and neck right now, but still some garbage time potential.

Well, squeaky wheel, as he catches a 35-yard pass but a scary moment as he takes awhile to get up. Seems like his helmet bounced off the turf, oof. But he's back in there shortly and catches the TD. What a roller coaster those few plays were.

Wow, 13 points from Fulgham on the last drive alone, totally salvages his day and keeps this matchup open.
Funny how the unknown guys came thru but Brady, Godwin, and Gurley under projected. Deebo, Gould, and E Elliot wont be enough to catch up. Good win Mr Undefeated

Solid week for my team, no real complaints.
Jackson doing his thing on the ground with 100+ yards and a rushing TD.
Biggest disappointments on my team are Edelman and Ingram. I even benched Ingram cause well he sux right now and it appears might be injured.

Loving the Steeler D right now.