I love you, Unregistered


Lets put a smile on that block
Originally posted by Gracie
Yes, blibblobblib is very attractive. Boy or girl, blibblobblib will capture your heart with, what some say, Magical Charms. Some say Lucky Charms. I say just pure looks!
who needs to look in the mirror anymore? NOT ME! Long gone are the days that i sit there........wobbling.....as i try to make myself feel better about my appearence, now i just log on and shoot in here for my confidence fix and i feel like i can take on the world!!...............then i see my reflection in the toilet bowl.
Pumpkins scream in the DEAD of night!

HOLY JEEZ! What is going on here?

I show up to start posting and some guy/gal is telling me they love me..... This IS odd.

I won't marry you but I tell you what, if I am ever in your neck of the woods, I will buy you a beer! Good enough?

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The Future Ed Wood
surely they would have noticed !!
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Gracie yes...by Naisy
I know the trick when i see it! quite frankly if it werent for Gracie this thing would be perhaps silent, BUT NOOOO some person just reads what they want to read, unlike Unregistered who is smart enough to know whats real and whats not, Unregistered would have figured it out by now!

Gracie is just about the most confusing individual I've ever seen! I'm always puzzled over how my heart just fell for Gracie! I you, Gracie!!!
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Lets put a smile on that block
Does the [bbusername] / Unregistered joke not work anymore? That was great...and creepy at the same time.

No, it's been deactivated for a long time.

There are lots of times I wished it was still in operation for some cruel humor.
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Why was it deactivated?

Lets put a smile on that block
Oh poop I was thinking maybe it was deactivated coz Chris changed the programme he was using for the original MovieForums...or something like that.

Originally Posted by blibblobblib
Oh poop I was thinking maybe it was deactivated coz Chris changed the programme he was using for the original MovieForums...or something like that.
lol i cant believe you resurrected this thread...i used to read this as a guest so i didnt get it until after i joined haha...
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Oh, my...

where have i been in the last while???

Must have been while i was gone, anyways! what can i say???

perhaps my time on these forums has begun to pay off

BTW, same to you SC!!

(yoda is going to kill more this...)

Originally Posted by Sexy Celebrity
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I DO love Unregistered.

Unregistered is just to die for and I can't live another day without Unregistered. *SIGH... FAINTS... RETURNS*

Unregistered, will you marry me? C'mon, we'll go to Vegas and when we get back, we'll have tons of pictures to post in the MoFo Personal Pictures Thread.

Unregistered, give me your answer true. Will you marry me?!?!

I love you, Unregistered, now and forever.

Jesus Christ! I just saw this thread - am I out of my mind???

EDIT: Oh, I get it. Now THAT was worth it, just this once.
something witty goes here......

I have never been loved so much by so many people before, heh right.
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