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On the CBS series MASH, when Mike Farrell's BJ Honeycutt replaced Wayne Rogers' Trapper John, despite temptation all around, BJ never touched a woman in Korea because he was hopelessly devoted to his wife and daughter back home. What were the name's of BJ's wife and daughter?

In the 1960's show "My Mother, the car..." what was the year and make of the car in question?

A 1928 Porter, (maybe a 1929, but I think it was a 1928). (By coincidence, I just watched the first few episodes of that show a few days ago.)
If I answer a game thread correctly, just skip my turn and continue with the game.

1928 is correct.

Your turn.

In the final episode of the TV show "Becker", Dr. Becker complains about a female patient, saying, "I pity the poor bastard who's married to her.". Who played the female patient, and why is the actress significant?