The Newsroom


I am eight episodes in on season one of this brilliantly written and acted HBO drama from the creator of The West Wing. Aaron Sorkin is the creative force behind this up close look at the production of a cable news show, anchored by the volatile, always-speaks-without-filter, Will Anthony, brought to vivid life by Jeff Daniels, who won two Emmys for his work on this show. Emily Mortimer is cast radically against type as the show's executive producer. Olivia Munn is a lot of fun as an economic journalist who often consults with the show, as is Sam Waterston, in a role light years away from Jack McCoy, as McAvoy's hard-drinking boss and the BIG boss who apparently owns the show is played by two time Oscar winner Jane Fonda, who has only made one appearance so far. Sadly, the show suffers from the Murphy Brown syndrome that it automatically dates itself because all shows are centered around the current news and this current news is from 2012. One thing that nags at me is that other than Daniels and Mortimer, I'm really not sure what any of the other people in the newsroom actually do, with the exception of Dev Patel, who is definitely the IT guy, but the show is so well-written and so well-acted, I have learned to stop obsessing about it and just drink this deliciously entertaining drama in.

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Is it really 7 years old? Fairly sure I own season 1, but definitely didn’t continue. Maybe I came to it late, but doesn’t seem like 7 years ago that I watched it.
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I watched this when broadcast and I loved it. A little too much of a liberal's wet dream at times, but it's Sorkin and that's what he does. Still a tremendous drama though, with heart and a conscience.

I wouldn't mind seeing this again sometime. Glad you're enjoying it, Gideon.
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