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Favorite critters in film?


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So, what are some of your favorite animal characters or pets in cinema? *

11) Laika - My life as a dog
10) Kid Shelleen's horse - Cat Ballou
9) Kitch - Kitch's last meal
8) Babe - Babe
7) Dory - Searching for Nemo
6) Verdell - As good as it gets
5) The fly - The fly
4) The penguin - Encounters at the end of the world
3) Socks - Dances with Wolves
2) Mr. Jingles - The green mile
1) Flike - Umberto D

* this thread is either inspired from HitchFan97's character list which contained a number of non-human ones, or the trailer for "Puss in boots".

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Fizzgig from "The Dark Crystal"

Zero from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Verdell from "As Good As It Gets"

Falcor from "The Neverending Story"

Dobby from the "Harry Potter" films

Batty from "Fergully The Last Rainforest"

from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"
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Stripe - Gremlins

Caroling Gremlins

Flasher Gremlin
Flashdancing Gremlin (no pic available)

William F. Buckley - 'The New Batch'

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1) Kitch - Kitch's last meal
2) Verdell - As good as it gets
3) Dory - Searching for Nemo

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Bruce the Shark

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Verdell - As good as it gets
Dory - Searching for Nemo... I love The Nemo.

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Great idea for a thread!

I LOVE these dogs.......

Dug from Up
Milo from The Mask
Uggie from The Artist

....they're adorable!

I also LOVE the Minions from Despicable Me. I want one!

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Chewbacca - animal character?

Bubo - Clash of the Titans - I think this counts as a pet.

Morla - Neverending Story

I would class Chewie as an animal. He walks around naked.