My Favorite Ed Harris Performances



Christof, The Truman Show

Harris was robbed of the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor of 1998, completely commanding the screen as he never did in this iconic dramatic fantasy playing the creative force behind the life of one Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey), a young man who has no idea that his entire life has been manufactured to be the subject of a 24/7 television show created and directed by Christof. Harris is simultaneously sensitive and bone-chilling in this role of a contemporary Christ figure who knows when to use his immense power and when to use his compassion. I get chills every time he utters the best line in the movie: "Cue the sun."

Hope someone enjoyed the list.

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Sorry, I deleted my post. It didn't seem right to add my comment about one movie, The Truman Show, to a great thread.