RIP Keith Flint - Lead singer for The Prodigy


As a dancer and singer he was responsible for the band's image and signature electronic punk vibe. Music for the Jilted Generation, Fat of the Land, and Invaders Must Die are among some career high moments for the band. Very sad news.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

He and the band pioneered the rave scene. Without them, we wouldn't have had that surge in the 1990s.

I loved his music and listened to the band in my teens in the 90s, and Keef himself was probably the most bohemian individual to ever appear in music.

Sad news.

Well, if The Prodigy continue..I'm hoping Liam uses some bytes of Flint..maybe a voicemail, or some random recording, and chops it up, adds some distortion etc and keeps him alive in the music.