Zombieland 3. Thoughts?


I loved both 1 and 2! I really hope to see a third. What are the chances of this? What would you guys hope to see?

I think the original was considerably better than the sequel, but the 2nd one was still successful critically and financially. I'm sure a third one will be discussed and/or distributed at some point in the future.

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Agree the first one was better than the second one... the second movie was extremely self-referential, even moreso than the first movie, but had the added bonus of the character Madison.

First movie was a meeting of characters, Wichita and Columbus falling in love and Tallahassee dealing with his kid's death.

2nd movie was Little Rock becoming bored as she goes through her teens with Tallahassee trying to be a father to her, and having Wichita and Columbus go through relationship motions.
Eventually they all find their ground.

The 2nd movie kinda wrapped up all the story arcs.

I'm not entirely sure where they can go with a 3rd movie.
Another road trip?

Maybe Wichita and Columbus having a baby or something?
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Just had a look online... Ruben Fleischer said he wants to do a Madison movie rather than an actual Zombieland 3.

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I thought both Zombieland movies were atrocious and would rather that a third one did not happen.
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