Stranger Things


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Excellent series this. Really enjoyed the homage to 80s pop culture plus the nod to horror and fantasy genres. The little girl in it won't be short of work, she was outstanding.


All the kid actors in this are awesome. Really good mix of homage/throwback and a standalone, self-justifying story. And I like that it's eight episodes: very little fluff.

Highly recommended!

Only seen Episode One so far and I like what I see. Very mysterious and interesting. Shame that this wasn't something The Broadcast networks or even Cable networks went after. The trailer was what really won it for me. Really hope this encourages networks to make bolder risks in the future, knowing what Netflix is coming up with.

Watched Episode Two today and still really into it. Think I'll do an episode a day and take it from there. The theme song is growing on me. Really like the retrowave/sythwave sound since Drive exposed me to it.

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Well done! They steal themes and visuals from several 80's movies, and yet, manage to keep it original. I have no problem giving it a perfect rating. Amazingly cast. The show seems to do exactly what it set out to do, flawlessly. Funny, because originally I wasn't even considering watching it.

Stranger Things

I agree, a great show. A great 80's vibe throughout, dark undertones and a fantastic ruined parallel universe (it made me think of Silent Hill in many aspects). The children absolutely steal the show and the story is nicely rounded within these 8 episodes. I liked that. No cliffhangers, just an open road for a season 2.

What I didn't like, however, were the performances of the adult actors, especially Winona Ryder. She was pretty unconvincing and I couldn't stop imagining that actress who played Ray's wife in Everyone Loves Raymond in her stead. However, maybe that's also a part of the 80's feel. Her average acting emphasized children's performance.

All in all, (ignoring the Ryder hate) a great show. I am looking forward to seeing where it goes in season 2.

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It's alright.

I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
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^ Haha, exactly my thoughts
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How is no one talking about this show?

It's if Spielberg directed an X-Files episode from the 80's.

The kids are all great, which is a nice surprise. The content is original and interesting, the atmosphere is perfect. The weakest link is Ryder, but that might be because I just don't like her in general.

Great show, look forward to season 2.
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That reminds me, I still need to check out The Get Down.

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Two of my film buddies told me it sucks. One told me it's ok. Not even going to bother.
It does not seem like your kind of thing, no.

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Two of my film buddies told me it sucks. One told me it's ok. Not even going to bother.
Alright, but, be warned, you won't know what to do, if and when stranger things start happening in your neighborhood.
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Why did you post the exact same thing in both Stranger Things threads? And better yet why is there two Stranger Things threads?

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