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What's this crap about movies being "too violent"? I like violence.
this is a "different" kind of violent though..but i can tell you all now:

(too violent) Irreversible (too off beat) U turn (lost in translation) ****ing Åmål (too obscure) el crimen del padre amaro

but now im thinking of more movies that i forgot about of course
Britney is my favorite

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Withnail and I - Glad this was nominated, heard alot about it and it is one of the few left on my MoFo 100 list.

The Grand Budapest Hotel - Not one of my fave Wes films but really good anyway. I'm not gonna rewatch this as i only watched it a few months back.

Casablanca - Don't like it quite as much as everyone else but it is pretty great. Don't have to see this again as i remember it well but i still might not sure yet.

Never Let Me Go
- Never heard of this, looking forward to it.

Romper Stomper - I'll rewatch this as i haven't seen it in years. Didn't like it much at the time hopefully that has changed.

Sanshiro Sugata - Awesome, a 40's Kurosawa that i haven't seen

The City of Lost Children - Don't think i've heard of this. Looking forward to it.

Barbara - Again not heard of this, looking forward to it.

Hiroshima Mon Amour - Awesome, been meaning to see more Resnais.

The Man From Nowhere - Gonna leave this to last, me and Royale have struck up an early bond but he's still pretty new so i'd rather not watch something that may get excluded, no offence. Looks good though.

Y Tu Mama Tambien - My nom. No doubt some of you will hate it but i don't really care i love it.

U-Turn - never seen it looking forward to it.

Joe - Great film. Not sure if i'm gonna rewatch it or not.

Really interesting choices . Think i'll watch Withnail tonight.

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This is a duplicate of a post I made a couple days ago in the rate the last movie thread-

Casablanca (1942)

I had seen this 3 or 4 times over the years, and while I thought it was a very good movie, I never thought it was anything more than that. I watched it again for the eventual 40's countdown, and I'm glad I did because it all clicked for me this time.

In a nutshell, I now look at this movie as a masterpiece. Bogart and Bergman are simply amazing, and the supporting actors all own the roles that they're playing. It's got the story, the music, subtle and sudden laugh out loud humor, and it's all done with so much class. It's got beautiful direction and atmosphere to spare. The nightclub setting is so intimate, and I find that amazing because the inside shell of the building appears cold, but it's warmed up with perfect lighting and decor. Every detail from the clothes to the candles to the chandeliers are top notch. There are many great movies, and each one would be fortunate to have a historically great moment or line. In this movie, it feels like they come at you non-stop, one right after another. I have no clue why it took so long for me to finally appreciate this movie properly.

A nice variety of films!

Other than my nom, I've only seen Casablanca, City of Lost Children (which I've been meaning to watch again for awhile), and Y Tu Mama Tambien. I tried to watch Grand Budapest Hotel but turned it off because I didn't like it at all, but I'll definitely give it a fair second chance.

For those who have never heard of my nomination before (which I assume is all of you), Barbara is a film that takes place in a rural East German town in the early 80s. The titular character had applied for an Exit Visa to West Germany, and as a result is being punished and monitored by the Stasi. It's a drama, and is rather slow moving, so you might want to be prepared for that going in.
What did you think up Y Tu Mama Tambien?

This looks like a good class of nominations. I am most looking forward to Joe, because I don't think I've ever heard of it... and it's a cricket nom, so it's bound to be interesting at least.

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Withnail and I - My nom. Best movie I saw last year, a masterpiece!

The Grand Budapest Hotel - Wes is kind of a hit and miss for me, and while I find some qualities in this movie, it's not one of my favs by Wes. Not gonna rewatch this because it's fresh on my mind.

Casablanca - The absolute favourite to win this. I'll probably rewatch it not because I don't remember but because it's freaking Casablanca!!!

Never Let Me Go
- Never heard of this, looking forward to it.

Romper Stomper - Never heard of this, looking forward to it.

Sanshiro Sugata - It's Kurosawa, and that's enough for me to be looking forward to watch it.

The City of Lost Children - Never heard of this, looking forward to it.

Barbara - Never heard of this, looking forward to it.

Hiroshima Mon Amour - This film is part of my Top 100. It's not an easy watch and I don't think it'll do good on a HoF but it's a beautiful beautiful film!

The Man From Nowhere - Never heard of this, looking forward to it.

Y Tu Mama Tambien - It's one of my gf's favourite films and it's on my watchlist for a long time now, so it'll be one of the first ones I see!

U-Turn - Never heard of this, looking forward to it.

Joe - Never heard of this, looking forward to it.

Great set of movies!!!

The thing isolated becomes incomprehensible
a great mix! Ive seen the grand budapest hotel & ive been trying to get a hold of y tu mami tambien for ages. El crimen del Padre Amaro/ the crime of father amaro was one of the movies i was thinking about nominating
The portuguese version or the spanish one?

What did you think up Y Tu Mama Tambien?
I definitely need to watch it again because I haven't seen it since...2003 or maybe 2004 at the latest.

I remember it being like one of those road trip films, but with undeniably Mexican landscapes and characters. I mostly remember the buzz about it being too explicit, and that's part of what made me interested in watching it.

I feel like more of it will come back to me as I watch it (which is usually the case), and I'm definitely looking forward to watching it again.

im good with starting with Y tu.. aswell Neiba if we want to try and watch some in somewhat the same order-- for discussions sake.
I pretty sure im going to need help finding it though,like i said ive been trying to get a hold of it

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Withnail & I: Was already on my watchlist because I've heard nothing but great things.

The Grand Budapest Hotel: This is the movie that finally turned me on to Wes Anderson. A lot of quirky characters and beautiful to look at.

Casablanca: The early favorite, but it only takes a couple low scores to knock it out.

Never Let Me Go: Saw this several months ago and liked it a lot. Going to watch it again.

Romper Stomper: Had this on my top 200 I did shortly after joining this site. It's been at least 10 years since seeing it last, but I'm sure it'll still be a favorite.

Sanshiro Sugata: Was already on my 40's watchlist.

The City of Lost Children: Saw this not long ago and it's not my type of movie. It looks amazing and anyone into fantasy should love it.

Barbara: Never heard of this one before.

Hiroshima Mon Amour: I believe this made the 50's list. I think it's a movie that's hard to fully grasp with 1 viewing. Unique with beauty and power.

The Man From Nowhere: Already In my watchlist and the movie I'm most looking forward to.

Y Tu Mama Tambien: I watched this a long time ago. I know it was good, but I need another viewing.

U-Turn: Saw this when it came out and was disappointed. It should be my kind of movie; looking forward to trying it again.

Joe: My nom, and I found it thanks to Mark. Wikipedia says that Archie Bunker was inspired by the lead character. It's a movie that I believe is relevant today.

It's not that explicit in my opinion. Don't know if i've been horribly desensitized or something haha but i didn't think it was. There is one scene towards the end that people may be referring to but i don't think it's that bad personally.