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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Series


Scifiguy showed me this trailer and though being an animation t.v. series, it doesn't look half bad.

Not as childish as the other Clone Wars toon out a couple years ago that I wouldn't give 30 seconds of my time to watch. However this one will most certainly get that and a hell of allot more I'm sure.

The trailer can be seen here

Im willing to give this a chance, and I saw a couple of episodes of the Clone wars cartoon and it wasn't bad from what I remember but I find it odd that they are giving this tv series the same name as the cartoon.
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I thought it wasnt very good but hey thats just me
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I didn't care much for the animation in the cartoon a while ago.
The trailer for this one doesn't look too bad but I still wish they'd have gone for a more realistic look in their CGI instead of copying the cartoon as much as they seem to have.
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Interesting. I personally think this would have worked better in traditional animation but that's just me.
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I stumbled upon Vol. 1 this morning on Youtube and was kind of blown away by it. It's pure action / with minimal dialogue but damn I found it to be some of the better SW content I've seen. Vol. 2 was a different story. I'm not familiar with the creators other content (Dextor's Laboratory, Samurai Jack, Sym-Bionic Titan) but I have heard of them. Also shout out to the 2008-20 version that I enjoyed quite a bit.