Movie: spaceship, limited onboard water, crew doesn't care


Hello there,
I'm looking for the name of the following spaceship movie:
it's from the 1960's or the 70s.
In color
It's a about a spaceship crew who has to face limited resources such as food and water in order to survive.
If this an help: I remember clearly the following scene.
The commander reminds to a crew member, a lady THAT IS TAKING A SHOWER, that the on-board manual says to not waste water as the is very little of it. Right after reminding her about it, she replies in a stupid and careless way that "OH, THERE'S A STILL A LOT OF WATER LEFT!"
The main character is the commander who also is the one who is dealing with the crew and telling how much of the resources they can use.
Almost all of the crew members just ignore what he tells them.

Thanks in advance

Creo que si es una de las peliculas de Alien, la pregunta es cual.