It made me cry! A mister Chips spin off?


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So, I was telling my wife about this movie I saw when I was younger but couldn't remember the name of it, I want us to watch it together and I'll explain why... I have lung cancer and its terminal even if the gene pill I'm on is buying me more time. This is one movie I want to watch again.

About the movie... it starts off with a young recruit soldier who starts teaching at West Point (I think) and then he lives out his life.... two world wars happen, students he taught die, he gets married, and the scene I remember the most is this;

They are both old, sitting on the verandah watching the soldiers learn marching skills, he gets up to get some lemonade (?) for his wife, and he looks, and her arm falls from the rocking chair... he looks down and we know he knows she has just passed away... That one scene made me cry at the time, I have no problem admitting that.

The movie reminded me greatly "Goodbye Mister Chips" and that may well be the title, a version NOT set in a young boys school, but I'm not sure, either way, I cannot find it... I do not know who starred in it or what year it was filmed... but when he dies in the movie, a group of 1950's or 60's era jets fly over for the missing man salute...

I think it was a Marine Corp training base so it couldn't have been West Point...

I hope that helps...

The movie could be a film called "Taps." If that's not it I apologize.

You can't handle the truth!
No, its not. Taps is set over a week or so, but this move was set of the soldiers life, fromm a young man to after his death, say, about 40 or so years? It really is a Mister Chips clone, or at least, it reminded me of that.

Do you have an idea of when the movie could have been made?

You can't handle the truth!
Thanks Mark F.
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