What was the last movie you saw at the theaters?


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Becoming Jane, with my younger daughter. I loved it ... and it took us two tries to see it because there was a water main break near the theater the first day we tried to go!

But we were determined, and I think we may have appreciated it more because it took us a little more effort to see it.

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Decidedly average. 5/10
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.


AMAZING. Everybody walked out, practically dancing and singing, out of the cinema.

I've seen it twice. One of my favorite movies of '07 so far.

No Reservations - kinda cute, was about to cry when Zoe went to her mums grave, because i knew what she was going to say. Bit cliché, but entertaining for my state of being right now.

EASTERN PROMISES - A. Loved it. Very impressive.

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Eastern Promises - by far the best movie i've seen this year.

Dragon Wars.
This is what comes of having a teenage son. On the plus side, the special effects were good, and...and...well, the special effects were good.

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the last movie I saw in theatres was the mummy, and I mean 1999 Mummy, otherwise I would be a mummy indeed.
... a mommy keeps a womb, while a mummy keeps the tomb. "Circle of life", they say.
.... The difference between a mommy and a mummy? The trade is U For O, UFO! In this case the Crop circle of life, to crop what I said before, which was crap?

Good Luck Chuck, I had already been told it had bad reviews, but I went anyways
one cannot live without the other...
Ive tried and realized, theres something about you, something about your ways.... mwah

Eastern Promises - by far the best movie i've seen this year.
It's WAY up there on my list, too.

I never go to the movies no more cause there's too much trouble happening these days. There's always some punks that got to make irritating noises or are there to ruin the evening . So a dvd on a big tv screen will do.