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A 50's or 60's movie possibly black and white


This movie was re-aired a couple of times in the early 1970's when I was a kid. I remember my mom saying I wouldn't understand the context. Anyway, the scene I remember was about a man and a woman alone around trees and she runs away. He finds articles of clothing and follows the path to I think a cliff or a beach and then a close up of his lit up face when he finds her. I remember there was a serious soundtrack, almost a dance as he was finding the articles of clothing. I can also recall parts of the same scene on a famous Hollywood scenes montage aired on one of the Oscar awards ceremony nights.

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
My first thoughts are Vertigo and Kiss Me Deadly even if they don't fully line up.
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I got 2 results, I'm gonna rent and watch Night of the Iguana on Prime. Vertigo and Kiss me Deadly did not look to be candidates while looking at IMDB, Kiss me deadly particularly looked older, I will say that when I watched the movie, back in the seventies, it looked as if the movie was a good watch both in color and in black and white. As I recall, there was a decade there or so where movies were directed accordingly.

Just got done watching the Night of the Iguana from 1964, but it did not have the scene I was looking for. After watching, I noticed the 'customer also watched' list and I saw Elvis. It might have been one of Elvis' movies from the sixties. I may research this more this weekend. After I find this, I have 3 more movies I'd like to find and I'll start separate threads on those in the future. Thanks, I'll let you know how my research goes so that I can call this as 'answered' on the forum.

I don't think it was an Elvis film. His movies are almost comedic in spots, I haven't watched them all. The scenes in Blue Hawaii looked a lot like the set/scene in this movie I'm thinking of. It's possible they used the same set or location. Any ideas????? I've seen data bases listed on other threads. Do they make one for locations???

.....she runs away. He finds articles of clothing and follows the path to I think a cliff or a beach and then a close up of his lit up face when he finds her....
Can you clarify for me, -- is this a 'tragic' scene that you are describing? The female character had drowned herself, or perhaps leapt to her death from a clifftop,....that kind of thing?

scallywag, It was a sensual scene, alledgedly for activity on the beach or in the sand. It must have been a classic scene because I'm pretty sure it was on the Hollywood montage I mentioned. I did find some Hollywood montages online to view which I'll be looking at. I've seen that same montage on AMC or TCM in the past as well. The montage I'm thinking of, played the soundtracks as the movie scenes were displayed; which is what at that time, peaked my interest in that particular movie. I'm just trying to locate some of the television and movies that influenced me as I was growing up.

OHForums, Thanks for the hint. I rented 'From Here To Eternity' on Prime. I don't think I've ever seen that movie from beginning to end. It was a good movie, Donna Reed looked good. Unfortunately it did not have the scene I was looking for. You are right though in that it may have been WW2 based movie. I'm thinking maybe it emphasized the navy, I'm not certain though. It had a modern sound track with studio live instrumentalists. The song I think was a popular song, I think I may have heard the song on classic standards for a concert band. That kind of soundtrack. I can remember hearing strong percussion like the maracas or a cabasa in the background orchestrated every time the man found another article of clothing. Thanks for the help. I'm having fun, renting old movies and watching them.

I need to add that the song had a strong ' castanet sound ' in the background.

Okay, I'll look up Vertigo and watch from beginning to end.

I rented Vertigo, it's a good movie, the lenses, the cinematography for 1958 is pretty good. But it did not have the scene I was looking for. It's OK, I'll keep searching. I know this can get answered and wait to post other movie scene/plots for titles. Thanks folks; I did not get what SSS means from royale88net.