Approximately 7 years ago I saw a movie (it was in German) at night/in the evening on a German channel called 'super rtl' (weird, because it's a channel for kids) and it's really frustrating that I don't know the title and I don't remember the movie that well. Here's what I remember: A shy girl who's trying to make her career as a (country?) singer, is playing her guitar on her first performance for a lot of people (mostly men) and they all start booing. She doesn't understand why they do it at first but then she realizes they only want her to undress. The crowd immediately stops booing and starts encouraging her when she does so. During the movie she becomes a successful dancer/stripper and she performs a lot, not as a singer but as a stripper/dancer with a lot of confidence. It wasn't really a movie only for adults but it wasn't kid friendly either.