Unnamed film's scene: ironworker's son asking for money (old memory)


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Hello everyone,
When I was a child I saw a film on TV, and there was a particular scene that, for some reason, remained in my memory.
I never watched that film again, I don't remember anything else about it, and I still don't know its name.
I'm a little embarrassed to ask this question, since this is an old recollection and I'm not sure how much is accurate and how much was messed up by my memory. Also, English is not my mother tongue and I'm not sure if I'll manage to convey the scene. Anyway, I'll try to describe what I seem to remember and see if any of you guys is able to identify the film for me:

First of all, I don't even remember whether it was in colour or black and white, but it felt as a rather classical Hollywood film (maybe from the 50s?).
What I remember starts with an iron-worker during his work on a building, at considerable height.
His son shows up in the construction and, from a safer place, asks him for money.
The father half-jokingly challenges him to come to the (dangerous) place where he earns that money every day, and get it. His workmates laugh.
Spurred by this humiliation, the son apprehensively starts to walk on the beam that leads to the place where his father is working.
The laughs change into worried faces. The father even asks him to stop. The scene is really dramatic.

And that's all I can remember about that film. Hopefully someone can guess the film name from that poor explanation. I'm curious to see how accurate my recollection is.


I don't recognise the scene you have described, but there's always a chance somebody else here might.

In your recollection, would you say the son was of adult age - or was he a child?

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Loner, OHForums, I'm 90% sure that is the film.
I'd still have to properly watch that scene, but I think I can already mark this post as answered.

Wow! I got the right answer in just 8 hours. I'm impressed!

Thank a million, guys!