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Action Mystery
The Story is simple a Special Unit takes a mission to recover people that went down with a helicopter somewhere in the jungle. Once dropped off there's no turning back. they find the place were the helicopter was shot down certain things don't add up, for one a heatseeker was used to nock down the helicopter which doesn't make sense considering the weaponry the gurrilla's are suppost to have. another thing there's no tracks from any men telling of an ambush plus they find three men that have been skined to the flesh.

So they head off to were the captive men have been taken there they realize that there are no surviors so they proceed to blow-up & Destory the every loving ***** out of everything that moves or breaths. Knowing they have to get out they hit the bushes and this atlasted brings us to the Cat-a-Mouse game that slowly dissolves the number in the Unit while there trying to work out who could be doing it.

Blain: Bunch of slack-jawed ******s around here! This stuff will make you a g** damnned sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me!

Aside from the obvious fact that the Predator is one of the greatest action movie every made it's just as much apart of the Sci-Fi Genre as it is the Action Genre. Some of the extreme lenghts it goes to make the audience turn away at the gore it make you more wanting to look and find out what this think is that's going around hunting man in the thick forest of the jungle.

The Dancing Helicopters

The helicopter ride into the depths of the jungle acts as a plot device and character set-up. The Plot device part of it is were you know that some of these guys are not coming out of this thing alive, the character set-up part shows you the inner workings of the team and what type of men your dealing with wacko's ,crazies ,loose canons and many other words could be used to discribe these men.

The Team

Dutch - You realize fast that he is the most serious of the unit. He has no time for fooling around once givin is mission and objectives it all straight faced do the job right. He's the oil in the engine without it it ain't movin nowheres.

Dillion - The outsider which makes his character the hardest to like. Goes through most of the movie being the most unliked but just when you start to feel comfortable with his placing in the unit it's too late. Most of the time he's either trying to show-up the other or trying to convince them that he's as good or better for Dutch's team.

Blain - The grizzly bear tobaco crew [email protected] of the men that doesn't have time to bleed amoungst mean other think such as making friends or liking people in general. He only has one friend true friend which is Mac.

Mac - You can see him working out everything in his head Situations, Looks, Words, Reactions everything But these things soon strat to dissolve into madness and his failure to interact with the group for the simplest thing becomes evident.

Billy - Tuff man to talk too, communication skills are the pits. but I also consider him to be one of the smartest in the team his tracking is great and his sense of his surroundings is phenomenal. Billy seems to have more than a few things going around in his mind but never seems to share them with the rest. Sometimes he's the most sane at times other times I think he the most insane of them.

Hawkins - The joker, that takes the most serious of thing lightly once he realizes something is quite wrong it's all too late for him. I dig his jokes and he was the comic relief for the movie and he was used to good use.

Puncho - always adding a few words of wisdom trying to fit some where within the team in some scenes he comes in at the end other times in the middle of what's going on. He's the pefect middle man you could say.

Director - Mctiernan has greatly improved the genre with such greats as The Predator, The Hunt for the Red October and Die Hard he has also done stuff that didn't effect it one bit. He brings a unconventional editing style and seems to have his shoot struture to a tee he also keeps the level of humdity & claustropbia at a high stand point throught-out.

Crew - Alan Silvestri has his score down with some very entusastic parts espically the Jungle Trak, Preparations, The Chase and the main title all are great & inspirational to listen too. Doland McAlpine really did a nice job. Great use of the slow pan to set-up three shot in one with no edits and it just amazing considering what this guy did in the type of extremes he was dealing with. The Editing was one of the most intresting things about the movie that owes a lot to Mctiernan way of filming.

nobodies got anything to say about this sweet @ss flick come on MoFo's give me some feed back you Dirty Rats

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Just saw you replying to this so I thought I would add in a little. I just bought this on DVD the other day and actually watched it for the first time that same day. I had seen parts of it before, and somewhat knew the basic premis to it.

I thought it was good for it's time period. Still not too bad of a movie...
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I like this movie, I think it's a classy, slick action picture. It definitely has some badass moments. There's really not much else I can say, I don't think.
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Second one sucked but the first was really good.
Death to Smoochy is my most anticipated movie of 2002.

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Another high quality post by Fez Wizardo

I really liked the way this film was marketed. I saw it at the theatres when it first came out and there was almost no mention of an alien being. It was marketed as a sci/fi war film and I honestly had no idea when I went in what it was going to be like. I ended up loving the film. The cast was outstanding and the story was not at all standard fare.

The second film was almost as good. I like Glover's understated toughness in comparison to Ahnolds obviously overstated toughness. The mood of the film was somewhat more tense as well...

I'm a fan LBJ, I liked it.

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This is definitely one of my favorite Arnie movies as well as being one of my favorite sci-fi/action flicks of all time. It has everything a great genre flick needs... Corny lines, check! Great story, check! Arnie, check! Apollo Creed, Check!

Unfortunately I only have this one on tape, but I do still watch it at least once a month... I'm a fanatic.

Another great Arnie 80's flick, Commando... now there's an often overlooked movie! I never did get the bad guy though... he seemed like a gumpy out of shape guy to me, why did he kick Arnie's ass for half the movie?!?!?

Commando was cool too... chock-full-o-errors but nonetheless cool. Watch the dents on the cars disappear in the scene where Matrix is chasing's pretty funny. The bad guy was Vernon Wells... Mohawk from Mad Max... he looked cool in Mad Max but in commando he looked way overmatched.

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True Arnie down the bone, this movie is absolutely Arnold and all that he can be. I quite an arnie fan (action not comedy) and this is by far he's greatest movie. And generally on of the greatest Sci-Fi/Action movies of our time, very hard to top!! But the second one bites what's the deal with that?
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Originally posted by greppin
But the second one bites what's the deal with that?
Yeah, I know! A sequel that sucks. What's the world coming to?

I don't mind the sequel but it ain't Predator it always helps a heep when you like the main lead Danny Glover a ton.

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I thought the Predator was one of the scariest creations born of movies. I was absolutely petrified the first time I saw it...I remember sliding down into the cushions of the couch and watching the final showdown between Predator and Arnold, through my fingers...

I remember going to my next door neighbor and looking at Predator threw the crack of the door and being freak out. I came over for a quite glance and some how I caught the part were MAC gets the back of head blow off and the blood spirts down the camera's lense really scar me. I also hide under pillows and even ran down the hallway while watching Arachnophobia with my parents brother and friends.

Don't get me started on Arachnophobia...that movie scared the piss outta me the first time I saw it. I became, essentially, a paranoid freak for the next few days afterwards. Always slipping my head down between my shoulders, in case any creepy spiders felt the need to spring on me from behind.


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Stuff like this is why I'm thankful for my fellow MoFo's. My brain doesn't operate in a way to analyze and articulate the stuff I see, but I appreciate those that can.

It never occurred to me about the opening camp battle and I never formulated the thought, but it looked like stock 80's tuffies footage. Subconsciously it always felt different. None of the rest of the movie looks like that, with static shots and catapult guys. It serves to highlight the rest of the movie and what a job McTiernan did.

for me what is so good about this film is first:
the setting
arnold s screen presence as an action badass star
the soundtrack it is just atmospheric as hell
last but not least: Get to the choppaaaaaa hhahhaa

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It makes the camp sequence's stilted direction ultimately seem like a point in the film's favour since the rest of the film plays like a subversion of that kind of stock-standard '80s action movie - the squad can effortlessly kill a whole camp of soldiers but easily get picked off by the Predator.

I still think AvP gets a bit of a bad rap - a lot of it seems to be down to disappointed expectations more than anything, but I've managed to watch it twice now and I think it's solid (would be interesting to see a technical defence like the above video, though - will have to see if Anderson did a DVD commentary for it). It'd be a lot harder to defend its sequel, though.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

I still think AvP gets a bit of a bad rap - a lot of it seems to be down to disappointed expectations more than anything, but I've managed to watch it twice now and I think it's solid (would be interesting to see a technical defence like the above video, though - will have to see if Anderson did a DVD commentary for it). It'd be a lot harder to defend its sequel, though.

Anderson did a commentary.
He goes on about how AvP is better than stuff like Apocalypse Now and other classics
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