What's the Connection?


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Just because you don't know the answer doesn't mean it's not working. Actually, I thought this was pretty easy...all of these actors have appeared in films opposite the legendary Elizabeth Taylor. Clift appeared with her in Raintree County and Suddenly Last Summer, Van Johnson appeared with her in The Big Hangover and The Last Time I Saw Paris, George Murphy appeared with her in Cynthia; Brando was in Reflections in the Golden Eye with her; Caine appeared with her in X, Y & Zee, and Mickey Rooney was in National Velvet with her. Burton made nine films with her, including Cleopatra, Warren Beatty was in The Only Game in Town and Finch was in Elephant Walk. Tracy was in Father of the Bride, Granger was in Beau Brummel and Newman starred with Liz in Cat n a Hot Tin Roof.


This one should be pretty easy:

10 Things I Hate About You

West Side Story

Forbidden Planet

These movies are all based on the works of William Shakespeare?
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I guess no one knows this one either...all of these films feature one actor playing two or more different roles...for Dr. Strangelove it was Peter Sellers, for A Stolen Life, it was Bette Davis, for History of the World Part I it was Mel Brooks, Dead Ringer was also Bette Davis, for The Wizard of Oz it was Frank Morgan (technically, you could say Bolger, Haley, Lahr played two roles as well), but Morgan played five, and Keenan Wynn played twin brothers in Royal Wedding...guess I'll give someone else a go:


It's almost been a week, let's see if we can get this game going again...what's the connection between these three films:

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

A Patch of Blue

Jennifer 8