French movie set in 17-18 century


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Hello. I'm looking for a French movie that I watched before 2006. It is set in 17-18th century France. The bad guy's henchmen kill the aristocratic parents of a baby and want to kill her, too, but the parents' servant saves her by throwing a rock wrapped in towels in a river, thus faking her death. Then he raises the daughter as his own.

Another major thing that I remember is that the father of the baby, the aristocrat, was an expert fencer. He had a unique move - piercing the forehead of his opponent with his sabre. The movie was saying how there's no bone right in the middle of the forehead. The servant teaches the daughter the move and at the end she killed the bad guy with it.

I tried translating this and searching in French forums but my French is too bad. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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This is it! On Guard/Le Bossu is the name of the movie. Thank you very much!