What 3 famous folk?


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Ok forgive me if this type of post has been done before but I always find it interesting to see the answers to this question [plus if you're anything like me your answers change constantly]:

What 3 famous people (in the film industry) would you like to have dinner with & some drinks....see a movie....play pool - well I'm digressing here but who would you like to spend an evening with? [oh yeh & it helps if they're currently alive!]

Mine: Goldie Hawn [for sheer fun value!]
George Clooney [for eye candy & fun value]
& Whoopi Goldberg [for more fun]

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Woody Allen
Roger Ebert (Does he count?)
Michael Bay (So Kong could kick his ass.)
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Terry Gilliam for
Kirsten Dunst for
and Gentle Ben for keeping that jerk Gilliam away from my girlfriend!
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Quinten Tarantino
Katie Holmes
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I know this probably doesn't count but I think all the main characters from the Lord of the Rings.... I would love to know what gave them the push to go ahead with this film or trilogy and I would also like to know what they think of all the success they have had with it...
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"Resident Evil 2:Apocolypse" Mila Jovavich
"Phone Booth" Colin Ferrel, Keifer Sutherland (2003)
"Pay it Forward" Haley Joel Osmond, Helen Hunt(2000)
"American Wedding" Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan(2003)
"Dogma" Ben Affleck, Matt Damon(1999)
"LOTR" 1,2 & 3 Vigo Mortenison, Elijah Wood (2002-2003)
"Thirteen" Holly Hunter, Nikkie Reed (2004)

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Originally posted by Hondo333
Quinten Tarantino
Katie Holmes

Tarantino for me too, I'd love to get movie recommendations from him

Monica Bellucci

and I'd bring Bruce Lee back to life
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Mother! Oh, God! Mother! Blood!
Heather Graham (I'd ask her to wear rollerskates)
Elizabeth Hurley (Yeah, Baby!)
Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (I'd ask her to come in blue body paint)

Of course, the reason I chose these three women is because I think their conversations during drinks, dinner, and pool would be extrememly rewarding and stimulating (maybe even intellectually enlightening).
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nicole kidman
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good question...

gotta be.

al pachino
de niro
marlon brando


jennifer anniston
lucy liu
angelina jolie
i hate hugh grant

I have to mention some Dead People, sorry.

Alfred Hitchcock..... he was a real prankster in real life.

Busby Birkley.......Always wanted to be one of the dancing girls in his movies.

Robert Redford.....Love his directing, acting, no really as I lust after him
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oh and also:

vin diesel
big arnie
bruce willis

it would be good to go out with guys my own size, im a bear u see, lol