Let's Face It


Post a photo. First person to identify the person in the photo posts another photo. Clues will be allowed, if needed.

Correct. No need to wait really. If you think you're right, you probably are. Your turn to post a photo.

Ghouls, vampires, werewolves... let's party.
I'm gonna need a clue for her. Haven't the faintest idea.
One either knows her or doesn't know her.

From a 14 season long TV drama beginning in the '70s.

Joan Van Ark of Knots Landing? I'll wait since I never saw the show & never heard of her.

That's Charlene Tilton from Dallas, which only ran 11 seasons, Knots Landing ran 14.
Glad we have that one sorted. I was thinking Linda Evans at one point. I never watched any of those shows.

Gideon, do you want to post a photo?

I thought I was going to be really good at my own game, but haven't a clue who this is.

Will need a clue later if nobody else solves it.

She looks very familiar. Was she primarily a tv actress in the 70's?
That's what I'm thinking. Is the "p" in the photo significant?

Yes, she had recurring roles on a couple of 80's series...one was St. Elsewhere. And the P has nothing to do with her, I don't know what that P is about.

Nope...she was on an 80's sitcom that I think if I told you, it would completely give it away. I'm going offline for the evening soon, if the correct answer is here, tomorrow, I will rep it, if not I'll tell you the name of the other sitcom she was on.