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Here this topic dedicated to the beloved SONS OF ANARCHY serie directed by Kurt Sutter, previous director of The Shields.

Well, I would love to get your feedback on this Serie, strengths and weaknesses, and last but not least : WHAT ENDING WILL YOU WRITE ?

Because, recently I ve finished Dexter and I was quite disappointed, but the Breaking Bad's ending was gr8 between us.

There are many materials who makes the success of this Serie: MC gang, Harley, Jax (Charlie Hunnam), etc.

One is the soundtracks guys, there are just many great songs such as the following:
- ‘Hey,Hey, my,my” by Battleme (original by Neil Young) from Sons of Anarchy
- “HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN” by the White Buffalo from Sons of Anarchy
- “SOLDIER’S EYEs” by Jack Savoretti from Sons of Anarchy

See my TOP 5 Best Serie:

Sorry but I cannot post link yet, can find its on youtube.

Btw Season 06 Episode 07 has been broadcasted yesterday and was awesome.

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Sure but GOT is off for a few more months so have to deal with it...

but I do agree GOT is takes all.

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Started watching this a few weeks ago and I'm hooked.
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