Name The musician/singer


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John Williams
53-time Oscar nominee, 5-time winner

"Film is a disease. When it infects your bloodstream it takes over as the number one hormone. It bosses the enzymes, directs the pineal gland, plays Iago to your psyche. As with heroin, the antidote to Film is more Film." - Frank Capra

Sutton Foster
Totes in love with her. In addition to being a big Broadway star she starred on the television series "Younger" and "Bunheads" as well. Plus an awesome episode of "Flight of the Conchords" where she received this dirty serenade from the fellas...


60's R&B Grammy winner whose records include "Girls are Getting Prettier", "I am the Man for You Baby", "Way Over There", but is most famous for his Grammy-winning "War (What is it Good For?)"

Macca, Ronnie Wood, and Rod the Bod.

I guess since he's in the middle it is Ronnie Wood's wedding?
Rod the Mod.

Otherwise correct.