Any info on Tortured Souls?


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I am just wondering if anyone has heard anything about the possible Tortured Souls movie, based on the toy line from McFarlen Toys designed by Clive Barker. Last year I heard they had found a writer just after signing a writer for Spawn 2 but that is all, just wondering if there has been any new news on the project?
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Heres all the info I can find on it...

"Variety has announced that Hans Rodionoff is now signed up to create a horror franchise at Universal based on Clive Barker'sTortured Souls line of figures that came out from MacFarlane Toys last year.

The six toys (with six more on the way this year) each include linked pamphlet-sized stories by Barker about the "tortured" characters, who have names like Talisac, Agonistes and Venal Anatomica, and the horrors they're involved with in the land of Primordium. Barker originally came up with a treatment for a movie based on the series that got set up at Universal, who then sought out a writer. Barker's Seraphim Films and Todd MacFarlane are both on board to produce TORTURED SOULS."

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This is old news but it's info.

Variety reports (via DH) that the Tortured Souls action figure line created by Clive Barker and Todd McFarlane looks like its turning into a feature film.

Corona says Barker sent out assortments of his Tortured Souls action figures to studio executives on Halloween Day and it seems to have paid off as Universal Pictures bought the film rights to the Tortured Souls figures for a sum that The Hollywood Reporter describes as "low-six figures against $2 million." That means Barker got somewhere between $100k-$400k for the rights, and he stands to make $2 million if the Tortured Souls movie gets made.

Reporter also mentions that Barker is writing the film's story proposal (but not its screenplay), and will produce along with Todd McFarlane. Universal also bought merchandising rights for the project except for the rights of the already-manufactured toys.

I would love to see that movie,
Tortured Souls.

Oh man a good scary movie.
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Based on the gruesome novella Clive Barker wrote especially for Todd McFarlane's disturbing action figure line, Tortured Souls is the story of six Cenobite-like creatures: Agonistes, a transformer of people into monsters who may be a creation of God; the Scyther-Meister, an assassin created by Agonistes to bring a corrupt empire to its knees; Lucidique, the daughter of a slain senator who is strangely falling in love with the Scythe-Meister; Talisac, a twisted doctor who has impregnated and attached himself to a strange machine; Venal Anatomica, a hulking assassin with an inhuman bloodlust; and Mongroid, Talisac's soon-to-be born child with a huge mouth in his stomach.

Full title : Tortured Souls: Animae Damnatae (Universal Pictures)

Tagline: Six destinies - One legacy

Release Date: 31 October 2004

Clive Barker ... producer
Joe Daley ... co-producer
Anthony DiBlasi ... associate producer
Terry Fitzgerald ... co-producer
Todd McFarlane ... producer


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Nice, great to see it is coming out.

The story sounds really interesting. I bought the re-release of Agonites but they did not reprint the story. I heard about it but never got to read it. Do you know if it is print????

ither way, this movie sounds like it will be very entertaning, not to mention a little sick and twisted, which is right up my alley

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FINALLY - its coming

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Endless! yes you can have almost all of your questions answered at the website on the film! its coming out in 2009. i just hope Barker dosent sell out to the CGI world of pathetic film making in this day in age because compared to the Franshises of 99' the 2000 films suck major big ones!

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hey does anyone know were i can find the background stories for the Six Destinies!? (without having to re purchase the figurines) . help a fellow reader out and get back to me please!

Welcome to the Halls of the Blind
id really like to find some place online to read these books again! and it seems ****ing impossible!