The MoFo Top 100 Action Movie Countdown

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Get in your lists or revisions!

You have a minimum 24 hours from the timestamp of this post to get your lists or last minute changes in, after that you have until I say "STOP". LAST CHANCE, EVERYONE!
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Oh the hell with it, Im gonna send in one. Its probably gonna be imperfect, but ...why not!

This, is THE best drama music ever

Poor Dragon Tiger Gate.
Tbph I didnt even think of it when I put my list together today. DTG was fun, but I dont think I could bump one of my action flicks in top 25 for it. I will rewatch it though, I bet Ill like it as much the 2nd time.

I never saw rocky as well an action movie. Sports movie maybe but not action unless beating someones face is considered action.

You all make fun of Taken, its the best Fathers Day movie ever, and the best damn action movie to come out in the last 20 years! I hope everyone voted truthfully and we see it in the top ten.

I sent a list. Bit of a struggle as I did rule out a lot of films that I didn't think were "action" enough, I wouldn't say there are many films (perhaps there are 2/3) that I watch for the action alone, but I think my list is okay.

That's wonderful, Johnny!
We are only 8 nominations away from completing our last goal.
We are now 9 nominations away from completing our last goal.
We are now 10 nominations away from completing our last goal.
We are now 12 nominations away from completing our last goal.

I noticed that the number for the last goal keeps going up. What is the last goal?
If I answer a game thread correctly, just skip my turn and continue with the game.

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