What actor/actress was in these TV Shows?


All British shows...
"The Bottom" + "Shoebox Zoo" + "The Comic Strip Presents" + "The Young Ones" =
Rik Mayall

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I don't recognize the first picture, but the second picture is John Goodman, but I don't know what TV show it's from.

The third picture looks like it might be from the show "Blue Bloods", but I'm not sure because I don't watch the show. (I only see the trailers because it's on after a different show that I watch every week.)

I think the last picture is Jack Bauer and Chloe in "24".
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I'm going to go ahead and reveal that As the World Turns, Black Earth Rising, Blue Bloods, and 24 were all shows that featured Tamara Tunie in a regular or recurring role:


No clue
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Corbett didn't play a doctor on Northern Exposure, he played a radio DJ
What I said was I don’t know the name of this “doctor”. Nothing to do with Corbett.