Question about the plot to Aliens (1986)


How would they know what an "alien" and unknown life form would or would not have regarding disease, contagion, or if the species is hazardous itself just by existence? You can't get a DOG through without a 6-month quarantine. I can't imagine the wait time for an unknown, off-world species. Even if just 6 months, that's time enough for competitor weapon industrialists to bribe their way to access or outright theft. Best case still: everyone knows because media.

But if competitors can bribe then why not Wcorp? Why BOTHER? Just cryofreeze your infected and let them pass through completely ignorant of the infection beneath and bypass the circus.
Yeah that's true, that makes sense.

Watching the movie again now, I can see why they corporation is doing things there way now, along with these explanations. Thanks for the advice everyone!

So after watching the movie again, why did Ripley confront Burke about getting prior people killed and threatened that she was going to nail him to the wall? It's not wise to make threats like that, when Burke is still a threat to her if she knows he has corrupt motives. So why didn't she just not accuse of him anything and play it cool, and wait till they got back to Earth to nail him?

And after she reveals to everyone else that Burke has ulterior motives, they don't even handcuff him or anything.

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