True or False



You enjoy reading obits
I’m here only on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. That’s why I’m here now.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

I'm Anthony, a Frenchman in France.
I very rarely read obits. When I do, I read the obits of deceased close ones. I haven't experienced liking or disliking in that activity so far.

You regularly do some soul-searching.

too much true!

The Black Hole will "eat" our galaxy

No, not true, don't worry. Black holes don't suck anything up. You can count on that. Unlike my washing machine, which is guaranteed to remove at least one sock on every wash, leaving me with oodles of half pairs of socks. Defying the laws of physics as we know it: those missing socks are surely in a black hole somewhere.

If you had the chance, you would like to go to outer space?

(I'm actually Michael Bay himself but keep that strictly between us)

You've never released your inner pirate.
Purely for the benefit of my bad memory: 2016 • • • 2017 • • •
2018 • • • 12 • • • C&C • • • 110 • • • Summer • • • Noms

Almost famous for having nailed Madonna once

I just want to hug (your FACE)!

True. Though when I was a kid I read an article in some ninja magazine (legit stuff btw) on how to use jutsu gestures to envoke certain ninja powers before combat. I can still remember one of the hand motions! The article gave instruction on how to call upon the dragon strength inside of you for power and wisdom. Not long after following the photo sequence steps I became terrified that I was possessed by the devil having just sought out a dragon spirit. I'm pretty sure that fear lingered off n on for a few years.


You enjoy a nice chicken salad. With grapes and pecans.

False since I am vegetarian

You worry about the fate of the world’s endangered species.

You worry about the fate of the world’s endangered species.
Yes and no. I know endangered species are disappearing at an alarming rate thanks to human activities and that sucks...But in the scheme of evolution, species go instinct in mass die offs at regular intervals, albeit millions of years apart. As long as the planet is not fried, then at least life will go on.

Are you're concerned that global warming could become a cascade effect, causing Earth to eventually become another Venus?

Google: Venus Runaway Greenhouse Effect.


You are registered with the political party you vote for.

(Amazed to discover last week when trying to vote in Democratic primary that I am not a registered Democrat. Had no idea that one must be registered under one’s party affiliation. Note to self: get this done!)