The Dropout (Hulu series, based on Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes)


I am about halfway through and really enjoying this. Seyfried does a terrific portrayal of Holmes, and boy does this show how gullible/unintelligent investors can be.

I really liked this series. Amanda Seyfried is giving a kind of autistic vibe to this grifter. That might account for the strange choices the real Elizabeth Holmes makes in her totally fabricated persona. I like Naveen Andrews. I find him quite attractive. So he is not bringing the real Sunny who is creepy.

I watched it very quickly and found it very compelling.
Same. I loved it. Especially when she deepened her voice. So comical.
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Never sure want to think about docu-dramas about things I've seen actual documentaries about. Most of the time it ends up feeling weird and unsatisfying to watch, but occasionally it really adds something, particularly when it's done with more distance from the event, when more has come out (say, when more of the principals have written books about it).

Apparently someone is developing another on the same subject. But yeah, this was alright.
I forgot I saw this documentary too. Loved it. Shes a most interesting villain to me. Did she have her children to garner sympathy & try to avoid prison time? Who knows.

Finished it last night. Great work overall