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i think once it comes out, it'll stay strong the first two weeks, but then it'll die down. the only thing going for this movie right now is its hype for "technology" and cuz james has his name plastered on it. People thinking this will be the next titanic, i doubt it.

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Will go and see it when it comes out
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I think James Cameron isn`t able to make a bad movie, even if he wants to.
Looking forward to be hypnotized and blown away by smart action - in 3 D!

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Piranha II is better than all three of those, Meat?
Way too much stupid talk on the forum. Iroquois, I’m thinking about you.

Piranha II is better than all three of those, Meat?
It's not better than Titanic and T2 isn't really bad, it just gets boring by the end. Otherwise, yeah, I agree with Meat. I'd throw in Aliens too.

Towards the end of the Avatar panel at Comic-Con, James Cameron announced that 15 minutes of the film will be screened in IMAX 3D theaters and other select digital 3D theaters for free across the globe on August 21.

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In what country?
Just trying to poke a hole in his argument.

This was the best thing I saw today at the con.

D-9 most likely would have topped it, but my pals really wanted to go back to the hotel...

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You`ve almost got me, but now I´ve got it. That`s meant to be funny, right? Cause Titanic and T2 are ranked on the top of my favourite film list. Sorry that I did not catch it sooner, but I´m out of this humor-league since Kindergarten.

Well, Cameron screened his 25 minutes of footage at Comic Con, but we lowly MoFos still have nothing to go on.

That said, there does seem to be a very consistent pattern among the comments of those who've seen it: they all seem to agree that it really isn't anything revolutionary, but that it's still very impressive and definitely a big step forward for CGI and motion-capture technology.

Also, I posted this in The Shoutbox as well, but I I still can't overstate how weird it is that we don't even have a teaser yet. I think we're going to see a huge blitz sometime in early November, though. It's really going to surprise a lot of casual moviegoers. There'll be a lot of "why haven't I heard of this before?"

There is supposed to be a trailer released on the 21st, which Cameron is calling 'Avatar day'. There's also going to be 15 minutes of the movie screened that day at IMAX theaters and select theaters with 3-D screens on the 21st.

CHUD has posted an image of what appears to be the official action figure for Sam Worthington's Avatar figure, a Na'vi-human hybrid that Worthington's character Jake possesses as he moves around the planet Pandora.

Source: Cinema Blend