Has anybody else seen Tenet?


I saw Tenet on Sunday with a friend in the theater. The movie was a beautiful, well edited and shot production. The movie is set up like a just riffle shuffled deck of cards,like Back to the Future 2 on crack. All of that is done really well.

However, I did not like it. There is no character development. The main guy, the protagonist, is never even given a name; he is simply called "The Protagonist". The movie never slows down long enough for you to think about things. The ending is vague; you don't know if the mission succeeded or not. The movie is overly complicated; I was able to (barely) keep up with it, but my wife would never be able to keep up with it. The low bass that he uses was so prevalent, that it gave me headache. So much is not explained that I had many, many more questions leaving the movie than I did going into it.

Overall, it is a well made and beautiful very, very bad movie (much like Avatar).

What do y'all think?

Really enjoyable movie.

You can see where a lot of his non linear story telling begins to take shape.

And the way the narrative and views about characters can change so fast when he shows you more

the rack version really shouldn't use it. contains a lot of errors and should not be used. a really good movie going to the cinema

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Seems like another Bond movie acting high-concept aka Inception.

I am glad that Nolan is done with Batman, but I would like it if he would stop trying to out Shyamalan himself in recapturing the cleverness of Momento.

Someday, I will watch Tenet late at night or on a rainy day and shrug.

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I would have seen it. But I have a weak immune system, so I can’t go see the movie sadly.
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Amazon delivered my Blu ray yesterday. Iíll watch it on Saturday and share my views.

Itís like any American Hollywood action movie. Caricature Russian villain. Tough guy CIA lead. Pretty blonde damsel in distress. Smooth talking, well dressed British spy who says blimey all the time. The plot twists are extremely predictable. More effort was spent on special effects than the story.

Not at all what I expected of a Christopher Nolan Movie. Itís the kind of movie Michael Bay or someone like that would make.


I haven't looked, I'm afraid to be disappointed, there are too many controversial reviews

It's a bit divisive but reviews are positive overall, I enjoyed it and while it's Nolan's weakest movie, it does have its moments.

7/10, gonna rewatch it on blu-ray next week.

Not yet. I realized that i delay watching of these film every week) I don't know why