This went on forever & I admit that halfway through I had forgotten the plot lines. Loose ends were tied up eventually & the finale was very good. Emma Corrin made this movie for me. Edoardo Ballerini excellent as ďRayĒ.
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Griselda (2024)

Escobar in a skirt was selling coke to fight for women's rights, and the police didn't catch him because the investigation was conducted by stupid men instead of smart women. XD Jeez!

Did anyone read the script or was it eaten by a dog and they had to improvise? 😂

Sorry to break it to you, but I'm here only to annoy you guys.

Nicole Kidman as the tallest woman in Hong Kong!

Couldnít figure out who was Chinese, Japanese or Korean especially with some Aussie & Brit accents thrown in for good measure.

A hot mess - didnít finish the pilot.

Well worth watching on Netflix. 14 episodes. The two leads are excellent. Sad & romantic.

Anyone watching this show that got atrocious reviews online? Trying to be a trilogy with BOB & Pacific, but falling very short.

What killed it for me (didnít finish the pilot) was a lot of reviewers said there was a ton of disparaging remarks & actions in the show that ridiculed or belittled the Royal Air Force & the British pilots generally during WWII. A lack of respect upset a lot of viewers.

Nope, not gonna watch any of that.

Not feeling The Responder. Martin Freeman though excellent is not enough to continue after 3 episodes.

My problem was itís one storyline only & not a very compelling one. Plus excessive use of the word mate.

I enjoyed this. Watched it after Oppenheimer but also because it is related to recent events.

"We enjoy the night, the darkness, where we can do things that arenít acceptable in the light.
Night is when we slake our thirst."
~ William Hill ~