Most Overrated Movies


Titanic (honestly i laughed real loud when Jack went down)
Any and all of The Lord of the Rings

Some people may disagree with me, but the thought of Crash (2004) being rated higher than Crash (1996) makes my shoes untie themselves.
i dont get how titanic and avatar and the revenant are that overrated? i guess the closest one could be titanic..

Mad max

This might just do nobody any good.
Titanic has Billy Zane kidnapping a little girl to get on a lifeboat.

Titanic > Avatar

9 films come to mind right away. As a matter of fact each one is a nominee for this year's Best Picture Oscar...


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Films by Tarantino, Cassavetes, Godard, Ozu, Rohmer, and musicals... I swear people just like saying Cassavetes to sound like they know WTF their talking about.

Ah Bach

Star Wars.
Every DC/Marvel crap that come out every year. Except Nolan's Batman, Logan and Deadpool. Rest all the meaningless drivel.
My Favorite Films

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This is actually a pretty good reaction to reading a thread like this.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

I've always thought of Titanic as highly overrated.
I feel like it's become so fashionable to call Titanic overrated that it's no longer overrated.

The problem with Titanic is that it was too long. The love angle between Jack and Rose didn't need to be damn near 2 hours long.

What saves Titanic is that the second half was excellent. The moment the ship hits the iceberg, the movie became highly compelling and was executed very well.

So when people call Titanic overrated, I feel like they're talking about the first half.

If we're discussing James Cameron movies, look no further than Avatar for a truly OVERRATED movie. Avatar has no saving grace. It's a crap movie.

There's a plethora of overrated movies, I could go all day, but the immediate 6 that come to mind:

1. The Big Lebowski: I love Coen bros movies for the most part, but I've never been able to grasp the supposed brilliance of this film. It's decent, at best. Fun for a one time viewing, but whenever I see it on, I have no desire to rewatch it.

6. Good Will Hunting: Again, this is not a bad film at all. But it's considered an all time great, which it is not. Seemed better in the 90s than it does today. Still, a decent movie... but definitely not a great one.
I totally agree regarding these two.

Hellloooo Cindy - Scary Movie (2000)
The original point break. This movie is loved! I just canít get into it and have watched it a few times. I can take Keanu seriously in speed (good movie speed) and the matrix but not this.

Just realized all of the overrated threads were bundled into this big ball of garbage. Was always asking for this to be done so thanks to Yoda or whoever did it.