Your Favorite Movie Effects


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Dark City brilliant bit of sci-fi with great effects. Also one of my favourites is Dune, think the effects in the film are under-rated given the year it was released (1984 i think)

I've missed the activity on this thread! Here's one that mixes effects styles. all in one scene. There is a huge Alien Queen puppet, supposedly operated by between 14 to 16 operators inside and out of the Queen. There is an operator of the Power Loader hidden behind Sigourney Weaver. Long shots of Ripley fighting the Queen are done with miniatures. Great stuff.
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The levitating room sequence in Take Shelter. I think it's so impressive because it's probably the biggest use of CGI in the film and, although it doesn't last long, it creates the maximum amount of disorientation and dread to allow us all to experience what he's going through.

Surprised to see no one mention Ava from Ex Machina (received a much deserved oscar for the vfx).

Absolutely blew my mind how realistic she looked.

I also really like Bucky Barnes's metal arm in the second and third captain america films which is a mix of practical effects and vfx.