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Afew nights ago I watched Taken on Blu Ray for the first time, Ive seen it on DVD many times as its a great films. But as we were watching it there was a difference in one of the scenes. The scene is where Jean-Claude (Gťrard Watkins) is on the phone to the guy he has following Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) and as they are talking about what Bryan has been doing and that he is still following him Jean-Claude tells him that he is only letting you follow him untill he wants to lose you, on the Blu Ray this whole scene was in French with no subtiles and on the DVD version it is in English. Has anyone noticed this?
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Haven't noticed it, but might be some feature that's screwed up on the disc or update for the system. Remember my problem with Sunshine?
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Yeah I remember that, I havent got a Blu Ray player myself and this was one of the first Blu Rays Ive seen. I only noticed it because Ive watched Taken allot of times on dvd so there could be more differences between dvd and Blu Ray. Its abit random but it could be something to do with the disc itself or the player. Apart from that one scene its exactly the same.

I will check my blu-ray out later for you. Is it the Harder, Extended Cut you have seen on blu-ray because that's the one I have.

I've never updated my blu-ray player(think I've had it for about 3 years now) and had not one problem playing any discs.