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Sorry to bombard, but also Wall-E shows up as two different movies in the lists - if I mark it as seen it only checks off Millenium and Sci-Fi. Not a huge deal, just thought I would let you know.

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I believe The Illusionist is listed in the Animated Films List as from 2006, when it is from 2010.
@Yoda, can you fix this? It's just that when I try to check it off on the Animation List it marks the 2006 live-action as seen...

Just out of curiosity, I noticed there was an action countdown done a couple years ago... is there a reason it's not in the lists section? It would be fun to check off.

It was "unofficial," in the sense that the community didn't really vote on whether to do it and it had its own sort of rules and criteria. I think it was great, and a great success (quite well run, in fact), but I ultimately made the choice to include Lists that had all followed that basic community consensus criteria. Especially because at some point (I know I've been saying this awhile...) people are just going to be able to create custom lists whenever they want.

@Yoda, can you fix this? It's just that when I try to check it off on the Animation List it marks the 2006 live-action as seen...
Sorry, missed this. Will check it out tomorrow morning.

Oh, this is up, let me know if you notice any issues:

The Movie Forums Top 50 Pre-1930s Films
I rated Häxan previously but it hasn't crossed if off the list - just checked and the date is off (1929 instead of 1922) when you use the movie search (though it does state 1922 on the actual movie page). Maybe it needs to have the English title addition ": Witchcraft Through the Ages" added (which is what is on the individual movie page even though the search uses just the original title)?

Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans and A Trip To The Moon have also been rated by me but not automatically crossed off on the list. Could be because I always capitalise all words in a title and "of" and "to the" would normally be in lower case?
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Good grief there's two Haxans in the same decade?

I'll check into the ratings. My best guess is we have some dupes because the titles on the list don't match our data source.

Good grief there's two Haxans in the same decade?
Nope, I obviously didn't explain well enough....

Wait, confused, I see 1922 on the list already.
No, 1922 is totally the correct date .... if you use the Movies tab though and type in Haxan it brings it up as 1929 for some reason .... click on that though and the movie page is correct with 1922. It's all very confuddling if you ask me

Ah. So, technically, it says 1929 on our data source. In some cases the threshold for "release" is different than when the film was produced. I'm pretty sure that's a lot more common with very old films. I think the source is probably right.

One of these films, for example, is listed as being released in 2002, presumably because it never had a "real" release back in the day but got a limited run recently, after it had become a classic.

Alright, should be fixed.

Unfortunately this might mean anyone who just checked it off but hadn't before may now have to do so again.
Yep, all crossed off now