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Swiss detain Roman Polanski


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Saw the sure-to-be recipient of Hollywood's next great humanitarian campaign on the news yesterday--a man who ran off with his pregnant 12-year-old step-daughter and her 11-year-old sister.

Saw the sure-to-be recipient of Hollywood's next great humanitarian campaign on the news yesterday--a man who ran off with his pregnant 12-year-old step-daughter and her 11-year-old sister.
The 13 Inch man is gonna have a field day!

This actually should read:

'Prosecutor says he lied about Polanski's trial'

lying at a trial and lying about a trial are two very different things...

But it doesn't surprise me at all that Wells was persuaded to embellish his story to make it more sensational for the documentary... what does surprise me is that so many seem to believe documentaries are the absolute truth... and that Roman Polanski deserves some kind if get out of jail free card based on the fact he's a brilliant director and has suffered during the Holocaust... as far as I'm concerned, Polanski is a pedophile... and should spend the remainder of his days in prison.

He took sex from me and my innocence. I don't think it occurred to him that someone wouldn't want sex with him. ~ Samantha Jane Gailey Geimer (25 July 2005)
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Hold on!

So this guy says he did a bad thing when Polanski seemed out of reach and none of it really mattered (A HBO/BBC documentary would only be shown in France??? I smell another lie right there)
And why is that an excuse anyway? "Hey, you can trust me now okay, i thought at the time I was only lying to the French".

But then, with Polanski suddenly having the chance to become a very real person sitting in an American Court, where what this guy says he did before is now going to REALLY matter...he says "I made it all up and did nothing wrong after all, so just lock Polanski away and let's not hear any more about it...I'm off to do some fishing. Thank you very much".

Like I said I have no time for people saying Polanski should be treated different because he simply IS Polanski...
But the circimstances at the time, the life the girl led and had been indoctrinated into before she was even alone in Polanski's house, and the double dealing in Court afterwards...mean that not all is cut and dried.
Punishment yes. What kind? We shall see.

But quite frankly this mealy mouthed prick can crawl back under his rock. He's a liar which ever way you look at it, and a State Prosecutor who admits he's a liar? No thanks.

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This actually should read:

'Prosecutor says he lied about Polanski's trial'

lying at a trial and lying about a trial are two very different things...
That's because the all truthful news changed the name of the article.

Here are the comparisons.

Prosecutor says he lied about Polanski's trial

Prosecutor says he lied at Polanski's 1977 trial

Read it fast before it changes again.

Nope, I don't have either. I only use the TV for dvd playback, and watch stuff like Peep Show (is anyone else loving the new series?) on 4OD.

The Oscar-awarded Roman Polansky`s contribution to the history of film-making is undeniable. We have been impressed greatly by his film ‘The Pianist’. He is now 77 and has been arrested on a 32-years old charge of having sex with a child of 13. I do not find any reason to accept that he has little assessment on the meaning of having sex with a child when he was maturely 45. It is in the news that a deal of $500,000 with Samantha Geimer ( that unfortunate girl now) will settle up every thing.
Molestation and rape of women are the worst of the crimes committed by some people. It is not at all expected from a person of the height of Roman Polansky.

Well, this whole thing is going to delay post-production on The Ghost. That’s all I know.

Rosemary's Baby - Writer (screenplay), Director
Chinatown - Man with Knife, Writer (uncredited), Director
The Tenant - Trelkovsky, Writer (writer), Director
The Pianist - Director, Producer, Voice Dubbing

Without doubt, Roman made a very big mistake. He has paid for it for 32 years. Now he is an old man, and still paying for it.

The “victim”, on the other hand has profited her whole life from the event.
The whole thing is really a kind of sick joke. If he had done it in Arkansas, is would have been okay. So long as he traded a goat or something.

The Ghost:
"Polanksi will continue post-production work on this project during his incarceration" - production notes from IMDBPro.
Hee hee.

Random thoughts about Roman Polansky.
This has been an interesting thread.
I freely admit that I don't know much about the man or the case other than what I have read here, or heard at school.
  • Wasn't he the husband of Sharon Tate? The murdered actress? I wonder if that screwed him up? Not that it would be an excuse to have sex with a 13 year old girl.
  • I'll bet he was pretty buzzed, and took his chances, like other older guys have done. But he got caught.
  • I get the feeling the consequences for his crime were light compared to what he could have got.
  • I don't know if he even knew her age, but 13 isn't even close to 18.
  • I think over the centuries, societies have come up with very severe penalties to discourage this sort of behavior, and to punish older males who engage in it, to protect our young females.
  • I'll bet as this whole thing has played out over the years, Roman was reminded by his buddies, that his celebrity, money, and connections would help him with this crime.
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Wouldn’t it be funny is Samantha Geimer, who asked that these charges be dropped more than ten years ago, decided to sue the government of California, the government of Switzerland, and every media outlet reporting on this case.

She would be absolutely in her rights to do so. I think she has a case for a $100 million dollar lawsuit. There is an army of parasites feeding off of this thing. There is nothing lower on this earth than a lawyer. Well … a child rapist is lower.

You know, that really doesn't bother me a bit. The Swiss have had him in custody since Sept. 26, far longer than his original 90-day sentence. Some of that time was spent in jail and some under house arrest, but either way, the state deprived him of his freedom.

He had gotten to the point where he thought he could travel anywhere in Europe despite the outstanding warrant. Now he knows better. I suspect it will curtail his future travel plans quite a bit, since the warrant is still out there because he hasn't resolved his legal problem in the US.

Meanwhile, the media rehashed through all the details of the crime and his guilty plea, escape, etc., reminding the world Polanski had to drug a 13-year-old to get laid.

At his age and the way he looks, we'll likely be reading his obit before much longer, and in addition to the movies he made they'll report again he admitted to having sex with a 13-year-old and fled the US to escape the law.

Thing is, nobody really knows what would have happened had Polanski stuck around for his final day in court those decades ago. Maybe he'd had to serve the last 48 days of his original sentence in jail or maybe he'd gotten probation, or the judge might have decided to hell with it and turned him loose. Either way, it would have been over and done with decades ago and essentially forgotten by most people by now.

Had he waived extradition, he could have played it out like a movie scene, expressing remorse and wanting to settle his debt to society. Could have made it sound like it was his own idea to come back and set things straight. What's the likelihood a man his age would get a long sentence after his victim and maybe even the old prosecutor testified on his behalf?

He likely could have gotten it all over with and maybe even some favorable publicity out of it instead of staying 9 months in Swiss custody. Seems Polanski has made one bad decision after another in this whole process.