Question for the mods


Not sure if this is the right area to ask but I'm suddenly being bombarded in my email inbox with notifications. I never subscribe to notifications because this is my work email address so not sure why this suddenly happened in the last few hours. How do I block them? TIA.

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User CP (next to your avatar at the top of the page)... left side is a list, go to Edit Options.
There's a bunch of tick boxes in there...

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Like I told you a day or two ago, go to your "User CP" at the top of any forum page (beneath the Reviews header). That page enables you to organize what and if you get notifications and e-mails for doing various things. It's very easy to understand and change. You also need to add some info to your profile to personalize it.
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OK thanks to both. Not sure why this suddenly started happening because I've never been in user cp. And mark, after today I'm not sure I'll be adding anything to my profile to personalize it, but anyhoo. Rock on.