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Over in the When will Blu-Ray completely take over? (which has some good observations, by the by) thread, I joked that the increase in legal movie streaming might lead to increasingly elaborate collector's editions to entice die-hards to keep buying physical copies. My joking example was selling the Back to the Future box set with a working hoverboard.

Imagine this just sitting on a shelf at Best Buy. Now go change your shorts.

This notion struck me was a pretty decent thread idea: what over-the-top collector's edition would you like to see? Both plausible and implausible are acceptable.

Other than the hoverboard (shut up, I don't care if it's pink!), I'd like to see an ultimate edition of Pulp Fiction that's rigged up to look like a briefcase, complete with a golden light that comes on whenever you open it.

Wig not included.

Or how about an actual sled with a special edition of Citizen Kane?

All Charles Foster Kane needed to be happy. Also, a hill.

What ridiculous ultimate edition DVDs or Blu-Rays would you like to see?

\m/ Fade To Black \m/

A Jurrasic Park trilogy boxset that comes with a real life T-Rex.

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I actually love these ideas. The T-Rex may be a little scary, but a Valasaraptor would work better in a smaller package.

Ultimate Edition comes compete with sleepin' pills and eye patches for those restless, lonely nights.

Keep on Rockin in the Free World
For the low low bargoon price of $25.95, Warner Brothers, in conjunction with Barrett-Jackson is pleased to present

Along with the usual behind the scenes featurettes, a moving tribute to Raul Julia and commentary tracks, 4 countem 4 cars featured in the movie will be won. Only 4000 of these special editions will be produced world-wide.

to refresh your memory, the cars to be won are:

1966 replica Ac Cobra

1974 porsche 911 targa

1974 Ferrari Daytona

1970 Chevy Camaro Z-28

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Mrs. Doubtfire: Ultimate British Nanny Edition
This new Mrs. Doubtfire: Ultimate British Nanny Edition comes complete with everything you'll need to enjoy Mrs. Doubtfire for countless days and nights of enjoyment. It includes the feature film, extras and:
  • Your Very Own Mrs. Doubtfire Costume! : A womanly bodysuit with breasts designed by our team at NebbitCo. A latex old lady face. Makeup. False teeth. Nail polish. Dresses. Pantyhose. A purse. Sensible shoes. PLUS, fake body hair to glue on your skin if you're a woman who wants to be a man disguised as a woman.
  • A vacuum cleaner! : So you can rock out to "Dude Looks Like A Lady" by Aerosmith with it!
  • A frozen Hot Jambalaya! Dinner! : Cook it in the microwave or give it to someone with a pepper allergy!
  • Inflatable Animals! : Turn your house into a wild, happenin' petting zoo by blowing up these inflatable animals and then JUMP AROUND!
  • Charlotte's Web Book! : Read "Charlotte's Web" to someone next to you or read it yourself while watching "Mrs. Doubtfire"!
  • Custom Made Mrs. Doubtfire Toilet! : A toilet that features pictures from the movie printed on it. Simply urinate into this toilet and hope that someone barges in and learns your little secret while you pee standing up. Comes with a guide on how to pee standing up if you're a woman dressed like a man dressed like a woman.
Bring home Mrs. Doubtfire: Ultimate British Nanny Edition today for only $89.99! SALE! Now only $59.99!

(500) Days of Summer Ultimate Collector's Edition

Your own hipster headphones and glasses!

If I had a dollar for every existential crisis I've ever had, does money really even matter?

The Godfather Box Set: The Coppola Restoration

Comes with a box of:

A Revolutionary Road DVD

that comes


This offer also applies with A Nightmare on Elm Street DVDs.