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First of all, I don't know if there is another thread for this show, but if there is, I'm sure Yoda will relocate it for me. After watching the fabulous Jean Smart win her second Emmy for this show and her funny as hell acceptance speech, I had to check this show out and I am so glad I did. Just watched the pilot for this funny, inventive, and edgy HBOMax comedy where Smart plays Deborah Vance, a show business legend who began her career starring on a CBS sitcom with her ex-husband (who dies in the pilot) but eventually becomes a legend on the stages of Las Vegas. Deborah's career is in its sunset years, but she is in complete denial about that. Deborah's manager hooks her up with a writer named Ava (Hannah Einbinder) who has destroyed her career by tweeting an in appropriate joke and Ava is hired to write jokes for Deborah. This pilot was sparkling entertainment from start to finish and I will be watching both seasons, thanks to the amazing Jean Smart, who makes this appointment television all by herself.

I didn’t like this show at all.
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Just watched ep 2 and am finding this show to be moving in a direction I didn't expect, but it was still all kinds of fun. After the pilot, I thought this show was going to be about Deborah's resistance working with Ava, but it's turning out that Ava is the one really fighting the relationship, almost to the point that she is becoming unlikable. Loved the reveals that Deborah has a soda fountain in her kitchen (and changes the tanks herself) and that she has a private blackjack dealer come to her home. Also loved when Deborah confessed to learning everything about Ava before she got to Vegas. Ava did have me on the floor with her reply to Deborah when Deborah asked he if she was a lesbian. Looking forward to more backstory regarding Deborah's career and her relationship with Marty (Christopher McDonald). Really am enjoying Paul W. Downs , as Ava and Deborah's agent, Jimmy and Megan Stalter is a total scene-stealer as Jimmy's assistant, Kayla. Deborah is no saint either in this battle...that was messed up when she left Ava in the desert, but loved the resolution of the pepper shaker adventure. I also want to applaud Jean Smart's bravery in not having to be wearing tons of makeup in every scene...there aren't a lot of actresses out there who have no qualms about looking their age onscreen, but I think it brings an added richness to Smart's character. This show is knocking it out of the park so far.

Just finished ep 3 and I have to they want us to hate Ava? Because she made all kinds of questionable moves in this episode. She did not try to justify her sending nude selfies of herself in Deborah's basement. What it comes down to is she was on the clock in somebody else's house and that was wrong. And then we learn that the girl she sent them to broke up with her and is with someone else. Loved the scene on the tour bus...that was brilliant. Really like Carl Clemons-Hopkins, who so beautifully underplays as Marcus. This is an actor who definitely understands that sometimes less is more.

It's only ep 4, but I totally hate DJ, Deborah's daughter, played by Kaitlen Olsen. Glad Deborah didn't bring her idea to QVC but wondering why Ava would support her. Not buying DJ's side of the story either. Ava's bonding with DJ is going to jeopardize her job I think. The dress that Deborah wore to Marty's party was hideous. Every moment Jean Smart and Christopher McDonald spend onscreen together is gold. Clearly, these two have unresolved issues. Loved that scene with Deborah and Marty's wife...what is she up to? I love thayt Deborah already knew what DJ is doing. And the reason she lets her just earned big brownie points for Deborah in my book. That final scene with Deborah and Ava was lovely.

The opening of ep 5 was brilliant. Ava and the toothpaste was cute, but pointless. I'm also starting to dislike Ava as much as I dislike DJ. Ava needs to get over herself. Still don't understand how Deborah blackmailed Marty, but I'm glad it worked. I like George and, believe it or not, I love that they bonded over cocaine instead of instantly falling in bed. Ava and the Mean Girls...priceless. Deborah needs to listen to Marcus more. I like George but I hope he doesn't turn Ava into a junkie. She has enough issues without addiction. Love drunk Deborah, more please. We know Deborah and Ava are going to stay together somehow, but that voicemail resignation was awesome.

Ava's dream that opened ep 7 was perfection. "Makeup absolutely has rules." Loved that Deborah thought Marcus bringing Wilson to her party was all about her and it wasn't. Deborah's dress for this party was a HUGE improvement over the one she wore to Marty's party. Loved the story of how Deborah and Marcus met. Was DJ actually wearing glass shoes? Seriously? Who is that woman to ask Damien if everyone could switch seats? This episode also brought up something I hadn't even considered and that is a possible sexual relationship between Ava and Deborah. They also seem to be hinting at something between Ava and Poppy, despite the fact that Ava's bed with George isn't even cold yet. Everything between the kitchen manager and Damien (Mark Indelicato) was gold. Loved Mark on Ugly Betty and am hoping to see his part beefed up a bit. The prenup confrontation between Deborah and DJ was brilliantly executed by Jean Smart and Kaitlen Olsen. Ava really needs to stay out of Deborah and DJ's relationship. Laura Weedman made every moment she had as the Mayor count. Nice to see Blake Clark as the drive thru minister. And there's definitely something I don't trust about DJ's new husband Aiden...I was OK with him until he agreed to marry DJ so quickly.

What Marty did at the opening of ep 8 really sucked and I'm glad Deborah is not taking it lying down. Loved seeing the first REAL bonding between Ava and Deborah in this episode. A power play seems to be developing between Marcus and Ava and it will be interesting to see who wins. Anna Maria Horsford remains as annoying as usual. How is Ava's mom such a nut and her dad such a sweetheart? Wilson's bonding with Marcus' mom was hysterical. Wilson is perfection why is Marcus so scared of him? Does Ava realize or even care that she broke her father's heart? And she has the nerve to get in the middle of Deborah's relationship with DJ? I hate that Deborah let that jerk Drew throw her off her game...she's a professional...she's better than that. But BOY did she get him back good...that was so awesome what she did to that guy onstage. Great twist at the end.

Cannot believe Ava's trying to get to LA without telling Deborah at the beginning of ep 9. This can't end well. "Will you stay of Web MD? It's bad for your personality." I thought Marcus knew about Ava's interview and I loved the way he played it off when Deborah snapped at him. LOVED the twist behind Ava's new job offer. Smart was brilliant in that final scene.

The tension established at the beginning of the season one finale, centering around the naming of Deborah's street and her final show at the Palmetto was quite palatable. LOVED that Deborah asked DJ for permission to do the material about her and said she wouldn't if Deborah didn't approve...did not see that coming. That scene in the limo provided the only likable moments from DJ so far. Kayla is funny as hell and a reveal about her in this ep explained a LOT. Can't tell if Kayla is really crushing on Jimmy or has no idea that he's probably gay. Hannah Einbinder was wonderful in that scene with Deborah where Ava had to tell her she was going to miss the show. Would like to think that what Deborah did for Marcus would have happened whether or not the confrontation with Ava happened, but I doubt it. Glad for Marcus because he totally deserves it. Hate what happened with Wilson. Was really looking forward to hear what Jimmy was going to say to Deborah. Hope he gets the chance to say it some point. Loved Ava's gift to Deborah. DJ is first, but Ava's mother is my second least favorite character on the show...she's nuts..if she didn't return for season two, I would be OK with that. Pleasantly surprised by what happened at Ava's father's funeral...that scene could have been the rest of the episode as far as I'm concerned. "You know, crying gives you need to learn how to cry without moving your forehead at all." After her confession to Ava, I wish we had seen more of Deborah's final show. Great final cliffhanger into season two. This show rules.

Loved what Deborah was wearing during the opening of the first ep of season 2. It was nice to see Kayla's inappropriate behavior from last season actually addressed. The scene in HR with her and Jimmy was hysterical. "OK, name one movie that's not about sex or Nazis." Ava really needs to learn how to engage her brain before actually speaking. "don't psychoanalyze my pot pie, all right? Deborah really just needs to cut DJ out of her life and I hope Ava stops interfering in their relationship, tattered as it is. Love Deborah's Christmas room. Best advice ever: When Jimmy told Ava to throw her phone into the ocean. Ava's mother continues to be the show's hottest mess...can't believe her gift from Ava that came to the hotel. "You know, I don't think I've said this anyone else in my life, but I think you need to read less. DJ's pink track suit with the racing stripes on the side actually made me laugh out loud. Glad to see Marcus hasn't given up on Wilson. Can't believe we had to wait a whole season for the obligatory cameo from Wayne Newton, which I think is law for anything filmed in Las Vegas. "Deborah, I didn't think you'd be here. I know how you hate seeing men's bare feet." LOVED what DJ was wearing at the fight. So over stars saying they don't care about matter what they say, ALL stars care about reviews, case closed. The climax of the fight, not exactly steeped in realism, but extremely entertaining. Can't wait to hear all bout Deborah and McLudwig.

Loved when that fan recognized Deborah in the store at the opening of ep 2. How could she stand there and proclaim to be Deborah's biggest but not know her name? Loved Deborah's explanation for buying the reusable cup, not that she owed it to Ava. Love Jimmy's new assistant, Silas, but their first meeting went WAY too well for this work, something's going to go terribly wrong. "Betrayal is the worst thing in the world...and I've woken up to a colonoscopy." Great to see Ming-Na on the show, playing the edgiest character I have ever seen her play, hope to see more of her. She was great. Kayla's father is a dick and I should have seen that coming. The scene in the restaurant with the email made anything else in this episode that didn't work irrelevant...Jean Smart gives a master acting class without uttering a word. Can't believe Jimmy still has to go to anger management and has to have Kayla back at his desk. The actress playing the HR person is really funny though. Final scene was fantastic with the perfect song playing in the background.

Laurie Metcalf definitely got ep 3 off to a great start. After what we learned in ep 2, I can't understand why Ava is still being such a smart ass. He lips should be firmly planted on Deborah's ass right now. Hated that actress playing Marcus' mom's BFF...she was in Borat. Hated her in that too. Damien and the phones in the lobby was too funny. Loved that Deborah had the bus turned around and that she actually got in the dumpster to help. I wouldn't mind learning why Deborah turned around the bus to let Ava found her dad...maybe something about Deborah's dad? Does Marcus really think he can forget about Wilson with a puppy? He's smarter than that. All of a sudden, I find myself wondering why Deborah continues to bomb? They have her still bombing even with Ava writing for her, so what' the purpose of the entire show if Ava's not helping Deborah? I'm guessing that at some point Deborah is going to drop this lawsuit, but they're sure making us wait for it.

Deborah and Ava off on a lesbian cruise to start ep 4? Certainly didn't see that coming. Loved that Deborah accepts her status as a gay man icon but hates lesbians. Why does Ava always feel the need to share her life story with bartenders? loved the reveal that Russell Crowe is in Jimmy's anger management class. I'm over Marcus' mother and her BFF...big waste of screentime. "Over 90 with three hole to go? You sound like Hugh Hefner." That whole conversation between Deborah and Ava regarding sexuality was all kinds of weird...why would Ava think that was an appropriate conversation for them? Deborah was clearly uncomfortable with it but Ava kept pushing for reasons I can't imagine. Loved that lesbian couple Deborah and Ava hooked up with...the bald Asian girl with the tattoos was breathtaking. The piano bar sing-a-long was awesome. The reunion of Marcus and Wilson was a prickly heartbreaker. Jean Smart was great in her onstage scene where the lesbians turn on her...very squirm worthy scene. I hope Joe's going to be all right. Can't believe what they did to Deborah on the cruise and why the hell are the destroying Marcus, the smartest character on the show? Little sad we won't be seeing anymore of Laurie Metcalfe.

Marcus' clues to Deborah in the celebrity game gave ep 5 a hilarious start. Broken condom, Robert Mitchum? Would love to hear the rest of that story. That shirt Ava was wearing in the opening scene was really ugly. "They know comedy...they dress like tableware." Great to see Harriet Sansom Harris...I love her. I like that Deborah feels guilty about what she did to Susan...surprised she even remembers it. Kayla's funny but she needs to get a life. Loved Marcus' description of carnival rides. "OK, I don't gamble and you shouldn't joke about clothes." Deborah totally blew her good kharma with that balloon game. Didn't see the bonding between Ava and Marcus coming. Jimmy needs to be very careful with Kayla...there's some underlying evil there I think, along with the crazy. Deborah getting upstaged at the end of was kind of sad. Is Deborah still suing Ava? It hasn't been mention in at least three episodes.

OK, why does Deborah need her blackjack dealer so badly? Very odd opening to ep 6. One question from the previous ep actually got answered...very impressive. Loved the scene with Deborah and her stalker, Axel. Not crazy about the return of Ava's cray cray Mom. The character is like fingernails on a blackboard. LOVED that the guy who tried to pickup Deborah in the bar had no idea who she was. Famous people are always complaining about having no privacy and then are crushed when strangers don't recognize them. "Happy people eat steak Ava!" Smart crushed the final 10 minutes of the ep...I actually held my breath when she asked the audience member about bringing his mother back to life...that could have gone either way

I feel terrible saying this, but I was halfway through ep 7 before I realized Ava's subletter was a female. I felt so bad for Deborah as she was shopping her special around. Deborah cutting down that treehouse was so Faye Dunaway in Mommie Dearest. I loved that Deborah turned down that offer and decided to sell her special on her own, but I think it's really risky. Loved that Jerry Maguire scene with Jimmy quitting the agency and Kayla following him. Susie Essman was a lot of fun with Elaine. At least I think that was Susie Essman. Great cliffhanging final scene.

That auction that started off ep 8 was funny, but i couldn't tell if Deborah really wanted that painting or was she just buying it to stick it to Marty. "Maybe don't make your life worse, to be ten minutes closer to Deborah." Ming-Na's return was way too brief...MUST have more of her. Didn't realize her character was so close to Deborah. Love the relationship between Deborah and Marcus...they have entire conversations without saying anything. "He does well in this business...especially for a man under 6'1''." Can't wait to see Janet and Kayla throw down. I should have known that guy with soda next to Jimmy was there for a reason. Can't believe Jimmy did what he did and I'm sure it's going to come back and bite him in the ass at some point. Loved that burgundy evening gown Deborah wore at the network party. I have serious mixed emotions about the way things ended between Ava and Deborah. How long do I have to wait for season 3?