Waiting for Baseball


Yeah, you also don't break the rules and risk your reputation for something you don't think helps. Really dumb statement by Crane.

I just bet $200 to win $50 that the first batter of atsros regular season doesn't get HBAP, starting to regret it. Boys are heated
Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it

That's a wild bet.
Usually I'm on the other side of these bets, but I figured the odds were good enough. I don't think Angels will get a picther ejected just to make a statement in Houston. They do have openers fairly often so

Yeah, you're a "snitch" for exposing the violation of rules in an endeavor which is literally people collectively accepting rules.
Hes just bitter because The Red Sox were also implicated in the sign stealing. And considering he only retired, what 4 years ago? There is the chance he was also complicit.

Spring softball season officially canceled.

Hopefully summer doesn't follow. I was so excited for this year, was planning on playing on more teams than ever before, and now a third of the season's just wiped out.