Any NBA Basketball fans?


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So much for "Can't win when your best two players are mid-range guys".

It's been said around the league CP would opt out, and I'm wondering if Sarver is going to pay him. If CP leaves, Booker can enjoy resting during the playoffs next year.

Even if CP does come back, I don't see them making The Finals. They got a lot of breaks along the way with opposing team injuries. Suns were the most healthiest team. Bucks didn't have Donte, and people were worrying Giannis might be out for a year, including himself.

10 years of excellence in denim
Donít think the Hornets could have done any better without mortgaging the future. Havenít been this happy with a draft in a while.

10 years of excellence in denim
Every year except for the New Orleans or Bobcats eras.

My eighth grade wardrobe was a different Hornets shirt for each day of the week. Like emí more than the Tar Heels or Panthers.

10 years of excellence in denim
I had arguably the greatest Starter jacket ever. The black Hornets pullover with the teal and purple with teal liner. The Hurricanes pullover might have been a close second. That thing was LOUD.