Magnolia, Fight Club or Eyes Wide Shut?


Hereís looking at you, kid.
Iím getting 30 mixtiles from 1990-2019, best films by year, to make a cool poster collage, but Iím finding it hard to decide between the above films, any suggestions between the 3?

Hereís looking at you, kid.
Eyes Wide Shut is the best of the 3. Fight Club is good too.
Great film and picture I have picked out for it is pretty cool as well. All fight club is, is a bar of soap..

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Fight Club

Hereís looking at you, kid.
Also a great film, one of my favorites, but as many times as Iíve seen it has diminished its value over the years, which is why itís so hard to decide.

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Eyes Wide shut. It and Fight Club are on the same 9.5/10 level of quality, but EWS is unique, even for Kubrick.

I couldn't stand magnolia. I switched it off halfway through. All the hysterical monologues, blaring music, and that interview with the pickup artist. It loves the smell of its own farts.

I like Eyes Wide Shut the most of those three movies. Visually I like the Eyes Wide Shut poster the best of those three as well.

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