Movie with a tree monster


hi i am looking for a movie isaw on vhs tape in the early 80s i only saw the ending clip these people was in a cave a guy with a gun held up these people with a gun a wierd looking monster that looked like a tree trunk grabbed hold of the guy from behind and got him one of they guys said the monster was taking him away to be eaten the monster had wierd wriggling worms or snakes on his head like medusa moving around on his head the monster arms look thin wire type any help appriated thanks

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sorry not that

Sounds like Evil Dead tbh

Sounds nothing like Evil Dead.
There is a bit with tree roots though isn't there? Don't they wrap around a girl outside the cabin?

Another film with a tree monster is The Guardian (1990), but what's being described sounds a bit more involved than in that film.

the film was on vhs around 1984