False Hope in The Godfather I & II


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Whats the point ? before killing the people...michael corleone's people would act as if everything is going as planned and then last minute there is some minor change of plans that would isolate the victim to get killed and people in gangster world will notice that they are going to get killed and people that are not like Fredo or michael's sister's first husband wouldn't think much of it until they are actually murdered.

Why all the false hope ? why can't they be told that they will be killed and then kill them ?

Welcome to the human race...
I think you answered it yourself - they wouldn't think much of it and it would be easier to kill an unsuspecting target.
Iro is to reviews as Kubrick is to films.

Welcome to the history of Mafia life.
Seriously, quite often they were lured to their doom under false pretenses.
The death of Joe Pesci in both GoodFellas and Casino is based on actual events, for example.

This is making me think of similar scenes...
Of course in the Sopranos, there's the killing of the Bevilaqua kid (played by Lillo Brancato, Jr. of A Bronx Tale fame)... Tony and Big Puss give him a soda and tell him to relax, then ask him how the soda tasted... because it's the last drink he'll ever have... before filling him full of holes.

It's kind of a tradition though to give a guy a last drink before whacking him.
The boys even have a drink with Big Pussy on the boat and make small talk when his turn comes even though he knows he going to get whacked.

Surprised this is even a question. If people know they're going to die they do unpredictable, desperate things. Keeping up the rouse, even if it's not super convincing, diminishes the chance that'll happen.